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GCTC SuperClusters have established these pages to share information about community responses to COVID-19 including projects like getting internet to rural school students, changing metropolitan transit procedures and making protective gear for citizens and first respondents.

The main pages are edited by a small group of committed volunteers who know how to edit wiki content and are willing to spend the time to make this content easy to read. GCTC SuperClusters encourage all readers to contribute best practices and successful examples to help communities cope with COVID-19. In doing this we ask that you follow the etiquette of outlined in the Contributing box below.


  • Submit useful guidelines and case studies on Covid-19 to share with other Communities
  • Submission process
    • For members of a SuperCluster: Reach out to the chairs of your SuperCluster to submit contents. The chairs will review the contents and forward them to the submission email if deemed useful and appropriate.
    • For non-members of SuperCluster: Send the content to the submission email, and it will be reviewed by appropriate SuperCluster reviewers.
  • Submission email:

Projects and Resources to Help Get Through the Pandemic

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