Open Wi-Fi Maps and Lists (by US state)

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Open Wi-Fi Maps and Lists (by US state)
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Public WiFi List Arizona
Team Organizations Joint Venture Silicon Valley
Team Leaders Wilfred Pinfold
City, State
Contributors David Witkowski


States are compiling lists of open Wi-Fi access points for residents who do not have home broadband access. While accessing these sites may be in violation of social distancing and shelter-in-place directives, some people may choose to use this option.

Open Wi-Fi SSIDs are potentially a security risk to users. Use of VPNs and secure website is highly recommended.


  • Accessing networks while Maintaining social distancing and abiding by shelter-in-place orders.
  • Implementing VPNs and ensuring use of secure websites on open SSID access points.
  • Avoiding "man in the middle" attacks where malicious access points masquerade as trusted access points.

Implementation (Public Sector)

Implementation (Utilities & ISPs)

Resources (National Digital Inclusion Alliance)