GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit

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GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit
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Team Organizations Cybersecurity and Privacy
COVID-19 Task Force
Team Leaders Pamela Gupta
City, State
Contributors Bunmi Adeniran
Damien Thwaites
Yansi Keim
Dean Skidmore
Gary Dennis
Yousra Javed
Lee McKnight
Lan Jenson
Scott Tousley
Riya Jain
Karen Jensen
Anna Lainfiesta


This eResouceKit is your guide to Working, Learning, and Living from Home, with your security and privacy defended. It will be a long and challenging road for us all, but we can and will get there, together by taking informed actions to gain control and risk prioritization during and after the pandemic - Cities and Communities, Businesses, First Responders, and Self-Employed/Gig Workers

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Information Resource Toolkit for Business Communication, Remote Access, Business Continuity
Information Resource Toolkit for Cities and Communities Communication, Remote Access, Business Continuity
Information Resource Toolkit for First Responders Communication, Remote Access, Business Continuity
US States Case Studies & Guidance
Global Applications, Projects and Resources
Security & Privacy Advisories Best Practices and Technical Guidance by Cybersecurity Advisories
Cybersecurity and Privacy Resilience Center Best Practices for Cybersecurity, Privacy i.e. Ransomware, Cloud, phishing, remote access, etc.
Guidance on Safe and Secure return to work

I am honored to be leading this taskforce with the objective: Share succinct, actionable guidance on Operational Productivity &Resilience, Security and Privacy for the new and largest work from home environment created due to the pandemic. We are adding resources in a easy to consume format such that organizations who may not have large number of resources can act on the guidance for business resilience, security and minimize impact on revenue. Thanks to the contributors, editors and CPAC co-chairs Scott Tousley and Lan Jenson.

Thank You, Pamela Gupta

Your input matters to us! Share your comments or questions.

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