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28 Mar 2023 ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI: Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities
Internet of Things and Smart Cities.jpg A Smart City is the compilation of digitally connected people, information, and urban elements. While the technologies underpinning these communities are in a continuous state of evolution, the objective is to ensure a citizen-oriented approach to city management, expanding community collaboration, embracing diversity and inclusivity, and celebrating collaborative creativity. And while the Internet of Things (IoT) offers incredible promise and opportunity to enhance quality of life, it is equally important to mitigate risk, dispel myth, and educate the masses.
18 Apr 2023 SmartCitiesWorld Cities Climate Action Summit
CCAS.jpg Through three days of virtual and in-person discussion, you will gain valuable insights to create clearer strategies, to build a smart, resilient city that tackles climate change and considers the impact on liveability, equity and long-term sustainability.
19 Apr 2023 Enterprise Mediawiki Conference 2023
link= Spring 2023 EMWCon will be a three-day conference featuring discussions of topics related to "Enterprise MediaWiki", i.e. the usage of MediaWiki software by and within companies, non-profits, governments, and other organizations. The intended audience of EMWCon Spring 2023 is anyone who uses, or would like to learn more about, MediaWiki within organizations.
20 Apr 2023 IAEM Virtual Conference 2023
IMEAPluggedIn.jpg The conference will provide two days of learning opportunities with day one including a mix of speaker and sponsored solution sessions. On day two, attendees will have multiple choices of training sessions, many provided by federal partners.
24 Apr 2023 International Resilience Conference 2023
RESCON-NGA-New-NGA-logo.png ResCon offers programming that touches on a wide range of topics: Economic Resilience, Emergency Management, Coastal Restoration and Water Management, Technology, Homeland Security, First Response, Business Continuity and all aspects of Disaster Resilience, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.
26 Apr 2023 Cities Summit of the Americas 2023
Cities-Summit-2023.jpg The Cities Summit will promote regional cooperation, convening subnational leaders from across the entire Western Hemisphere with diverse and inclusive representatives of government, civil society, business, academia, youth, culture and the arts, and indigenous and underrepresented groups.
02 May 2023 2023 National Shared Mobility Summit
2023NSMS.jpg The Summit offers the opportunity to take steps collectively to replace car-centric transportation with people-focused shared mobility to fight climate change, promote equity, and strengthen community. At speeches, workshops, panels, and field trips, we will try to break down silos and bridge gaps. To lay the groundwork for successful partnerships and mobilize toward multimodal transportation systems. We will explore new technologies that promise it all, and from behavior change to funding, we can begin to address the challenges that hold us back.
15 May 2023 FORTH Roadmap Conference 2023
RoadMapForth.png The nation's premier electric transportation conference, where leaders convene to transform how people and goods move.
16 May 2023 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo 2023
Scc23Spring eventbanner.jpg Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo offers the most comprehensive conference, exposition and accelerator of smart city innovation in North America. We deliver premium networking and educational opportunities with a keen focus on city leaders and their priorities. Working closely with the technology community, we bring together the largest collection of intelligent systems providers for energy, infrastructure, networks, data management, urban mobility, citizen engagement and governance solutions.
22 May 2023 2023 IACP Technology Conference
IACP 23 Tech Logo.jpg The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), as the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders, is committed to advancing the safety of communities worldwide.
30 May 2023 7th Annual Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition
7SmartCitySymposium.jpg Organised by the Smart Grid Observer, the 7th Annual Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition, May 30-31, 2023 in Chicago, brings together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons learned to date in making the Smart City a reality. Top executives and subject matter experts will examine the experiences of municipal governments who are pushing the envelope and moving toward actual implementation of the Smart City vision. The emphasis is on implementation strategy, case studies, best practices, and the development of compelling business models for transitioning to the 21st Century Smart City.
06 Jun 2023 IOT Intelligent Cities Summit 2023
IoTIntelligentCities600.jpeg Public sector event focused on initiating meaningful conversations about all aspects of creating and maintaining an efficient, holistic public sector. This showcase will include two summits, productive workshops, exhibitions, and an opportunity to network with peers from across USA and beyond.
06 Jun 2023 Ecocity World Summit 2023
Ecocity2023.jpg Ecocity World Summit addresses the way humanity builds its home. It promote the understanding and development of cities that are ecologically healthy and sustainable, economically prosperous and fair, and socially just and caring.
11 Jun 2023 EVS36 — 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition
EVS36.jpg Organized and hosted by EDTA, the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS36) is the premier showcase for industry innovation and is the longest-running international conference devoted to electric transportation and technologies.
12 Jun 2023 FIWARE Global Summit 2023
FIWARE Global Summit Blank.jpg Two day in person summit featuring a curated framework of Open Source Platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions
12 Jun 2023 London Tech Week
London Tech Week2023.jpg London Tech Week is a global celebration of tech, uniting the most innovative thinkers and talent of tomorrow in a week-long festival. Showcasing how tech is transforming business and society, London Tech Week drives thought provoking conversations around innovation, diversity and transformation, providing a platform for the tech ecosystem to come together to drive change.
26 Jun 2023 The MetroLab Network 2023 Annual Summit
MetroLab Summit.png This summit brings together leading representatives from local government, major research universities, industry, and non-profits for an in-person summit on June 26th-28th at Portland State University in Portland, OR. The Summit is an opportunity for attendees to share, discuss, collaborate, and present their ideas in civic innovation and technology through the programming, which will include speakers, panels, and roundtable sessions.
09 Jul 2023 48th Annual Natural Hazards Workshop
NaturalHazardWorkshop1.jpeg Since 1975, the Natural Hazards Center has hosted the annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop in Colorado. Today the Workshop brings together federal, state, and local mitigation and emergency management officials and planning professionals; representatives of nonprofit, private sector, and humanitarian organizations; hazards and disaster researchers; and others dedicated to alleviating the impacts of disasters. You can learn more about the Workshop history on our website.
24 Jul 2023 National Homeland Security Conference 2023
NHSC2023.jpg The National Homeland Security Association sponsors the National Homeland Security Conference. The Conference is the annual meeting of local Homeland Security and emergency management professionals from the Nation’s largest metropolitan areas. It has become the best attended and most highly anticipated homeland security and emergency management conference of the year as it focuses on all emergency response disciplines at all levels of government.
22 Aug 2023 Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2023
GreenTransportationSummitExpo.png The Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE) is the West Coast’s premier fleet modernization and sustainable transportation event. GTSE offers attendees an inside look at the latest in fleet technologies and innovation and provides informative sessions featuring a who’s who of national and regional transportation leaders.
27 Sep 2023 The World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2023
Wsbe23montreal.jpg The Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) conference series is recognized as the preminent international conference series on eco-responsible design, building and construction. The World Sustainable Built Environment (WSBE) conference is the triennial culmination of this robust series of regional conferences, and we are pleased to host the WSBE23 gathering in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 27 to 29, 2023.
03 Nov 2023 The IAEM 71st Annual Conference & EMEX
IMEAConference2023.jpg This multi-day training and educational event provides many benefits to emergency management professionals in all levels of government, the private sector, and non- government agencies alike. The conference includes a multitude of topics across the emergency management spectrum, enhancing your knowledge and strengthening your network of professionals.
07 Nov 2023 Smart City Expo World Congress 2023
SCEWC2023.jpg Smart City Expo World Congress gathers leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future.
28 Nov 2023 Fall 2023 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo
Scc23fall.jpg In our sixth consecutive year, Smart Cities Connect maintains its commitment to city-first programming that inspires real conversation, meaningful connection, and approachable action in local communities. This year, we turn special focus to the recently passed Infrastructure Law, which promises $1.7T+ in funding for local communities.