COVID-19 Checklist for EMS Agencies by NASEMSO and NPSTC

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COVID-19 Checklist for EMS Agencies by NASEMSO and NPSTC
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Team Organizations National Association of State EMS Officials
National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
Cybersecurity and Privacy
Team Leaders Dean Skidmore
Pamela Gupta
City, State
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This checklist represents an ongoing analysis of COVID-19 preparation actions by the Joint Working Group on EMS Communications and Technology which is sponsored by NASEMSO and NPSTC. It is designed to provide guidance to EMS agencies as they plan their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsored by NASEMSO and NPSTC

This document is organized in 14 sections that contain COVID-19 readiness checklists for both operational and administrative issues.

  1. Staffing Considerations
  2. Alternate Service Delivery Considerations
  3. Processing EMS Calls for Service
  4. Dispatch of EMS Resources
  5. On Scene Patient Care & Medical Direction
  6. Patient Transport
  7. Inter-Agency Communication
  8. Intra-Agency & External Communications
  9. Employee Health and Safety
  10. COVID Exposure Considerations
  11. PPE & Supply Chain Management
  12. Infection Control - Vehicles & Equipment
  13. Administration – Reporting & Documentation
  14. Employee and Family Support

The appendix contains links to official information, policies from other agencies, and manufacturer cleaning recommendations. Checklist items were gathered from multiple EMS agencies who are dealing with the effects of the pandemic. We know that every EMS agency is unique, and portions of this guidance may not be applicable to your agency.