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Productivity Tools - Commercial
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COVID-19 Toolkit for Business
Team Organizations Cybersecurity and Privacy
Team Leaders Pamela Gupta
Damien Thwaites
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Contributors Anna Lainfiesta


During this difficult time of change and disruption, businesses and organizations must be productive and nimble while optimizing cash flow and streamlining operations.


Businesses and organizations need convenient, affordable, and secure productivity tools.


  • Various companies are providing productivity tools for free or at discounts for the next few months, subject to sign-up deadlines and meeting eligibility criteria.
  • Some tools require specialized technology administration skills to install and manage effectively.
  • Businesses and organizations should verify how their data is collected and securely managed by application / tool providers.


  • Free Software That Businesses, Schools And Others Can Use During The COVID-19 Crisis -Business software and services companies are providing free and discounted products and tools (including conferencing, contact / staff management, financial management, marketing, planning, team productivity / collaboration), and upgrades to more advanced tools, to help organizations be productive during the pandemic. Financial Services
  • COVID-19 Support for Nonprofits - ImpactCloud companies are mobilizing product, financial, and employee resources to help organizations respond to COVID-19. Financial Services
  • #StandForSmall - This coalition brings together resources from multiple leading brands into a centralized platform to support small businesses. Financial Services
  • TechSoup - TechSoup provides nonprofits, libraries, or foundations in the U.S. with donated or discounted software, hardware, and services.
  • Financial Applications
    • FreshBooksCloud - FreshBooks offers its all-in-one Small Business Invoicing and Accounting cloud applications with free and discounted pricing. Financial Services
    • Intuit QuickBooks - Intuit offers its QuickBooks income and expense tracking software to small businesses at discounts and with free trials for a limited period. Intuit also offers various financial assistance programs to support consumers, small businesses and communities. Financial Services
    • Sage - Sage provides entrepreneurs and small / medium businesses with integrated accounting, payroll, and payment cloud solutions and software. Information and resources are available to help navigate the current coronavirus pandemic. Financial Services
    • Wave - Wave provides financial management software and personalized help for small businesses with free accounting, invoicing, and receipts, and fee-based payroll and payment services. Financial Services
  • Productivity Suites
    • Google G Suite for Nonprofits - Google helps nonprofits collaborate more effectively with smart, secure business apps like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet. Offered with 1 free and 2 discounted billing plans. Google’s broader response to Covid-19 includes additional assistance and resources.
    • Microsoft Together - Microsoft has offered its Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 productivity suites free for the first 6 months with annual commitment (see website for included products and conditions). Microsoft’s broader response to Covid-19 includes additional assistance and resources.
    • Zoho - Zoho has offered relief initiatives and remote working resources to help organizations stay connected with their colleagues and customers.