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Electric charging network in Europe.jpg Traton Group, Daimler Truck and Volvo Group European charging infrastructure
TRATON GROUP, Daimler Truck, and the Volvo Group completed the final step in forming the previously announced joint venture for charging infrastructure in Europe. The new joint venture, with Anja van Niersen as appointed CEO, is expected to have a significant role in supporting the European Union’s Green Deal for carbon-neutral freight transportation by 2050.
Black-and-veatch-logo-linkedin 0.jpg Black & Veatch’s Annual Sustainability Report 2022
Recognizing the positive impact companies can make on social and climate matters, Black & Veatch released its Sustainability Report. The annual report provides a reflection on the global engineering, procurement, construction and consulting leader’s progress toward its 2020-2023 sustainability strategy, as well as a look ahead as sustainability measurement and goal setting evolves globally.
OSPO-A-New.jpg The OSPO - A New Tool for Digital Government
As government bodies at all levels look to better engage citizens, make more efficient use of taxpayer funds, and solve global challenges in a local context, the value of a strategic approach to Open Source software has come into sharper focus.
Black&VeachWater2022.jpg 2022 Water Report
Aging infrastructure remains the top challenge among more than 300 U.S. water industry stakeholders surveyed for Black & Veatch’s 2022 Water Report. The aging of the sector’s workforce also has intensified, with efforts to respond to increasing retirements of skilled staffers complicated by tight budgets and a tighter job market.
Living-in-eu.jpg MIMs Plus version 5 Final
This document contains the technical specifications of the Living-in.EU (LI.EU) upscaling declaration1 initiative and is based on existing minimal interoperability mechanisms (MIMs)plus some additional fundamental building blocks – hence the name: MIMs Plus. It is one of three deliverables from the LI.EU Technical sub-group, the others being a concept paper, describing the scope and time plan for the work, and operational guidance, with practical guidance on how the technical specifications can be used in practice.
ElectricFerries.jpg Electric Ferries Are Coming to Stockholm
Stockholm is set to experiment with new electric passenger ferries that could make commuting along its waterways just as fast as — and altogether greener than — driving by car.
EntraMicrosoft.jpg Entra: Secure access for a connected world
Microsoft is bringing together these individual pillars of identity and access management—threat detection, multi-cloud handling, and credential approval—into one portfolio.
Image ParceGo.jpg ParceGo Pilot Launches in Bogota
Bogotá Mobility Secretariat (SDM) has partnered with ClearRoad to run a three-month-long pilot in the City of Bogotá, Colombia. The pilot, entitled ParceGo, aims to test the feasibility of a phone-based application to measure congestion, manage traffic, and provide data on congestion pricing strategies.
Level2EVCharger Pole.png Curbside Level 2 EV Charging
Seattle City Light is launching a service that will install public Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at curbside locations throughout the city of Seattle. City Light is offering this service to provide near-home EV charging for residents who cannot access off-street parking to charge their vehicles.
Ntia ifa logo wifa url white on blue.png Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure
The Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program provides funding for this vital part of our nation's high-speed network. With $1 billion in funding, the program will reduce the cost of bringing high-speed internet to unserved and underserved communities.
Reality Capture.jpg White Paper on Reality Capture
Today, Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) published a new white paper entitled, Reality Capture: A Digital Twin Foundation. The paper introduces the fundamentals of reality capture, which in many cases, plays a key role in the lifecycle of a digital twin. It provides organizations with an understanding of reality-capture devices, their applications, and knowledge of essential industries where reality capture has specific considerations.
3D-printed-neighborhood.jpg 3D-Printed Net Zero Energy Community
Palari Group, a technology-driven developer of sustainable master-planned communities, and Sinarmas Land Limited ("SML" and together with its subsidiaries, the "SML Group"), a real estate conglomerate listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership in the US. SML, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired a 40% stake to jointly expand Palari's pipeline of sustainable single-family residences, including the World's First 3D-Printed Net Zero Energy Community in Greater Palm Springs, CA.
Reno Nevada Blockchain.jpg Reno Introduces The Biggest Little Blockchain
City of Reno’s Biggest Little Blockchain – the first city-run and resident-focused blockchain platform in the United States. The blockchain application creates a single ledger, documenting consecutive transactions in a designated process.
ElectrifyAmericaComplimentaryChargingforGenesisEV.jpg Electrify America Complimentary Charging Genesis EV
Electrify America today announced an agreement with Genesis Motor America to offer three years of 30-minute complimentary charging sessions from the date of vehicle purchase for the fully electric GV60 to be released by Genesis.
ECascadia.jpg Daimler Trucks eCascadia
Freightliner Trucks, a division of Daimler Truck North America LLC (DTNA), today unveiled the new eCascadia at ACT Expo in Long Beach, CA. Built on the best-selling heavy-duty truck platform in North America, the new battery electric Freightliner eCascadia provides customers with a zero-emission version of the industry-leading Cascadia and debuts its innovative safety and connectivity features.
Sila-nano-Cells3.jpg Mercedes-Benz and Sila battery breakthrough
Mercedes-Benz takes another major step in building the world’s most desirable electric cars. The inventor of the automobile today announced that it will work with Sila, a next-generation battery materials company, to incorporate Sila’s silicon anode chemistry in batteries which are optionally available for the first time in the upcoming electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This will add another innovative cell chemistry to the Mercedes-Benz battery portfolio.
WhereIsMyTransport.jpg Mobility and POI Data for Emerging-market Cities
WhereIsMyTransport has mapped 50 cities in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia, becoming the first company to offer high-quality mobility and location data in all of these markets. The company started mapping public transport in South Africa in 2016 before expanding globally to become the central source of data for high-growth, emerging markets.
Shell-charging-station-ABB.jpg Shell’s global EV charging ambitions
ABB E-mobility has signed a new global framework agreement with Shell to supply ABB’s end-to-end portfolio of AC and DC charging stations. The portfolio ranges from the AC wallbox for home, work or retail installations to the Terra 360 which is ideal for refueling stations, urban charging stations, retail parking and fleet applications.
TozCARD.jpg OneIDLab and Tozny Merge to Form Tozny
Portland, Oregon-based Tozny, an identity management and data security company, and OneIDLab, a Zero Trust posture security technology company, announced the companies will merge to form Tozny, Inc.
Bitcoin-image.jpg Treasury Remarks on Digital Assets
Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen delivered remarks on digital assets policy, innovation, and regulation at American University’s Kogod School of Business Center for Innovation.
IPCCReport2022.jpg Climate Change 2022
The Working Group III report provides an updated global assessment of climate change mitigation progress and pledges, and examines the sources of global emissions. It explains developments in emission reduction and mitigation efforts, assessing the impact of national climate pledges in relation to long-term emissions goals.
Biden School Toolkit.png School Infrastructure Toolkit
Vice President Harris and Secretary Granholm announced DOE's new $500M program for school energy improvements. program-lead: Sarah Zaleski, Building Technology Office DOE
FIWARE4Cites.png FIWARE4Cities
FIWARE4Cities book edition 3 presents insight of cities into how they are using FIWARE and the benefits they are able to generate when making their cities smart, but also sustainable and resilient.
Rural-rising.jpg Rural rising: Economic development strategies for America’s heartland
There is no one-size-fits-all economic development strategy for rural communities. How can local leaders—including governments, businesses, and individuals—put rural regions on track to thrive?
DeSoBlockchain.jpg Decentralized Social Space
DeSo Blockchain announces they have surpassed 1.5 Million accounts created on their network. At the time of this writing, the DESO coin (which is already listed on Coinbase) was up +30% on the news according to CoinGecko. This milestone comes at a time when one of the most influential individuals on the planet is tweeting about decentralizing social media.
Agile-business.jpg Agile Business
Agility has entered the lexicon of many companies over the past two years. Once limited to a niche corner of organisations, agile has become a core competency for all types of businesses operating in an ambiguous and volatile environment. The Agile Alliance is excited to share a special report on Agile Business, produced in partnership with Raconteur and published in The Times of London. This 16-page report includes a piece on Agile transformation by Ray Arell, until recently Agile Alliance’s Chief of Innovation.
Scientific-digital-twins.jpeg NVIDIA Announces Digital Twin Platform
NVIDIA today announced a platform for scientific digital twins that accelerates physics machine-learning models to solve million-x scale science and engineering problems thousands of times faster than previously possible.
OpenStrategicAutonomy.jpg Open Strategic Autonomy
An interconnected and open technology sector in Europe would provide the continent with cutting-edge, competitive solutions; well-paid jobs; and a turnover that contributes to Europe’s tax base and public welfare. As digitalisation and decarbonisation continue worldwide, an open technology sector would provide a strong geopolitical position, that allows Europe to set global technological standards, promote European values, as well as, maintain and grow Europe’s economy.
ULINorthwest.jpg ULI Northwest: A Path to Net Zero Carbon
Electrify Everything Panel
HelloLampPostCampus.jpg Air Quality Monitoring Network
Air Pollution is an urgent problem linked to as many as nine million deaths per year worldwide and 14,000 annually in Canada, primarily from related heart and lung diseases. On UBC campus, sources of air pollution include personal vehicles, construction, restaurants, and businesses. In fact, the BC Air Quality Health Index can change from “Low-Risk” to “High-Risk” on campus during air pollution events such as wildfires. To address this, we have installed a network of 8 low-cost air quality sensors across UBC campus to measure air pollutant concentrations at different locations on campus.
CattleChain.jpeg Smart Farming Market - Cattlechain
Cattlechain 4.0 project aims to connect farmers, meat and dairy companies, veterinarians, public authorities and the general public using blockchain for mapping the food journey from the farm to the consumers’ tables.
PlaceBasedApproach.jpg A place-based approach to net-zero
The report calls for a change of approach in order to deliver emissions reductions on the scale required to achieve net-zero. Currenlty UK cities are major centres of production, consumption and consquently emissions. However, local authorities do not have the power to directly influence many of these emissions. Cities also feature concentrated and complex infrastructure systems involving multiple stakeholders.
Strategy to Address Our National Mental Health Crisis.jpeg Strategy to Address Our National Mental Health Crisis
The President’s FY23 budget will invest $700 million in programs – like the National Health Service Corps, Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program, and the Minority Fellowship Program – that provide training, access to scholarships and loan repayment to mental health and substance use disorder clinicians committed to practicing in rural and other underserved communities.
988 Image.png White House Announces National 988 Service
988 has been designated as the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. While some areas may be currently able to connect to the Lifeline by dialing 988, this dialing code will be available to everyone across the United States starting on July 16, 2022.
UrbanAnalTool600.jpg Ontario Municipal Analysis Tool
The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) of Ontario has partnered with Vancouver-based govtech software company, UrbanLogiq, to deliver a province-wide cloud platform, the Municipal Analysis Tool, for all 444 Ontario municipalities to access more streamlined and user-friendly property and assessment data geospatially to support municipal data needs.
Autonomous Driving.jpg All Weather Performance for Autonomous Driving
An international partnership between EasyMile and Applied Autonomy has enabled operations with enhanced all weather features for autonomous driving in port and river city Drammen, near Oslo.
PPS600.jpg Portland Public Schools (PPS) Climate Crisis Response
PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Public Schools (PPS) has implemented a new climate policy that aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

On Tuesday night, the PPS Board of Education voted to adopt the Climate Crisis Response Policy. The policy will impact what students learn, how district buildings are constructed and what kind of equipment is used to maintain schoolgrounds.

Solectrac.jpg Solectrac Electric Tractor
Solectrac electric tractors boast instant torque at 0 rpm, lower operating costs, and extended runtime with optional exchangeable battery packs without sacrificing the expected versatility of electric tractors, such as towing or lifting capabilities.
DOESBIR.jpg US DOE Announces $125 Million for Small Business R&D
In support of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to build the American economy back better, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $125 million for small businesses pursuing clean energy research and development (R&D) projects. The projects range from grid modernization and carbon removal to renewable energy and energy storage.
Letenda600.jpg New generation of zero-emissions transit buses
Canadian bus manufacturer Letenda officially unveiled its new generation of zero-emission transit buses.
NISTFramework.jpg Smart Cities: A Key Performance Indicators Framework
This publication presents research findings and scientific work that advance the development and progression of smart city and community measurement methodology. The term 'smart,' as used in the phrase 'smart cities,' is defined here as the efficient use of digital technologies to provide prioritized services and benefits to meet community goals.
USDOTPorts.jpeg U.S. DOT Port Infrastructure
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced nearly $450 million in newly available grant funding for port-related projects through the Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP)—by far the largest investment in the program ever. These grants can help ports expand capacity and improve the movement of goods through our supply chains.
Best Practices Document for EV Charging.jpg Best Practices Document for EV Charging
EVgo today released a new guide featuring best practices gleaned from over a decade of operating experience designed to help state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and their partners with administering funds from the recently announced $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI).
KiaElectrifyAmericaCharging.jpg Kia and Electrify America to provide 1,000KWh of charging
Kia America and Electrify America have announced a partnership to provide Kia EV6 buyers with 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of complimentary EV charging/energy at any Electrify America station across the U.S. The agreement between the two companies will enable Kia owners 3,500 to 4,000 miles of all-electric driving at no charging cost, depending on the vehicle model and various conditions.
BTYEinride600.jpg BYD Receives Electric Truck Order From Einride
BYD announced today that Swedish freight technology company Einride has purchased 200 Class 8 8TT battery-electric day cab trucks for deployment across the United States, the largest-ever order of its kind outside of Asia.
NFIBus600.jpg Rhode Island's RIPTA orders NFI Electric Buses
New Flyer of America Inc. (“New Flyer”) has received a new contract from the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (“RIPTA”) for 14 battery-electric, zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE™ forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses. The order includes five ABB 50kWh depot chargers from NFI Infrastructure Solutions™ to support battery-electric bus deployment in the Rhode Island region.
NRELZeroEmissions.jpg NREL Net-Zero Energy Modules
A new report from Blokable, the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2), and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) details actionable pathways to developing and building net zero energy (NZE) housing without increasing costs yet still reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. IN2 is managed by NREL's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.
StFrancis200.jpg How Open-Source Software Makes Cities More Livable
St. Francis is now rolling out a new calendaring and scheduling service on its website, designed to help neighborhood people register for services or reserve space for events.
BuildingTwin200.jpg Digital Twin Consortium and Project Haystack
The Digital Twin Consortium® and Project Haystack have entered into a liaison agreement to create and develop digital twin enabling technologies. The goal is to accelerate the adoption and monetization of digital twins.
NEVI.jpg National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
The purpose of this memorandum is to highlight the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program authorized under Paragraph (2) under the Highway Infrastructure Program heading in title VIII of division J of the BIL.

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