GCTC SBSC Covid-19 Resources

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GCTC SBSC Covid-19 Resources
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Smart Building Super Cluster
Team Organizations Buildings
Team Leaders Limor Schafman
City, State Washington DC


The Smart Buildings Supercluster (SBSC) convenes public, private, and academic organizations to collaborate in the development and interrelationship of smart buildings within the smart city context. This Covid-19 Resources page includes links to funding resources, contact tracing application testing being done in India, and two frameworks of how to approach post pandemic recovery.

  • We hope you find these resources helpful.
  • We always welcome thoughts, questions and conversation.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.

About SBSC

All SBSC group members and contributors are volunteers, sharing their expertise in smart buildings, Internet of Things technologies and use cases, architecture, engineering, communications, building management systems, municipal systems management, mobility, data management and security, sustainability, optimal productivity and wellness approaches and technologies. We thank them for their contribution.

The SBSC is currently working on a Blueprint. This work is a written expression of what we discuss as a group: the smart building ecosystem and how smart buildings can be deployed in support of smart city objectives to:

  • Provide a sustainable, resilient, safe, robust and thriving community for its citizens, and public and private constituents;
  • Accelerate the deployment of smart city infrastructure;
  • Infuse robust and adaptive features into the smart city infrastructure through integrated smart building designs;
  • Provide a roadmap to sustainable advantage and ROI for communities that adopt this approach;
  • Enable the development and deployment of broader municipal smart applications; and
  • Support scalable economic development.

SBSC considers smart buildings as the building blocks of smart cities, attracting corporations, vertical markets, job seekers and entrepreneurs, who will bring their business and their homes to a municipality, and contribute to a region’s success while enjoying happiness, health, wellness and local prosperity.

Projects and Resources to Help Get Through the Pandemic

Lessons Learned and Next Steps for Post Pandemic Recovery