GCTC Connectivity Covid-19 Resources

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GCTC Connectivity Covid-19 Resources
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Covid-19 Resources
Team Organizations Wireless
Connectivity Covid-19 Task Force
Team Leaders David Witkowski
Benny Lee
David Witkowski
City, State
Contributors William Schrier
Lan Jenson


The Covid-19 crisis has increased the need for students to distance learn and workers to telework; however, the digital divide remains as an unbridged connectivity and device gap for many. Devices such as mobile devices, notebook computers must be in place or issued that can connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi for distance learning and teleworking. Some local governments and companies have made progress through publishing online and through physical postings to map these sites. Other local governments may be further ahead in advanced connectivity having deployed wireless connectivity delivery systems that can easily scale to more locations such as parked vehicles with Wi-Fi equipment.

Availability of Connectivity via Wi-Fi

Guidance and Resources for Connectivity

Broadband for Mitigation

IoT for Mitigation

Helping with low-cost or free internet connectivity