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Pamela Gupta
Name Pamela Gupta
Company OutSecure
Company Position CEO
City, State Shelton CT
Country United States
Sectors Cybersecurity and Privacy
Public Safety
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Business Square.jpg Business response to Community Disease Transmission
Information and guidance from trustworthy sources to help businesses rapidly and cost-effectively protect their employees, customers, and partners from the risks of exposure to communicable diseases such as COVID-19.
Ems-fb.jpg COVID-19 Checklist for EMS Agencies by NASEMSO and NPSTC
This checklist represents an ongoing analysis of COVID-19 preparation actions by the Joint Working Group on EMS Communications and Technology which is sponsored by NASEMSO and NPSTC. It is designed to provide guidance to EMS agencies as they plan their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cctvcompanies.jpg Cybersecurity and Privacy Resilience Center
COVID-19 crisis has amplified Cybersecurity & Privacy Risks for organizations with their transition to remote and virtual work arrangements. These risks range across infrastructure, data security, data privacy, remote access, policies, security awareness and compliance.
Business Square.jpg ECommerce and Payment Business Tools
During this difficult time of change and disruption, entrepreneurs and businesses need to easily and rapidly launch new or scale promising businesses, while optimizing cash flow, staff, and operations.
COVID Image.jpg GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit
This eResouceKit is your guide to Working, Learning, and Living from Home, with your security and privacy defended. It will be a long and challenging road for us all, but we can and will get there, together by taking informed actions to gain control and risk prioritization during and after the pandemic - Cities and Communities, Businesses, First Responders, and Self-Employed/Gig Workers
Cityview.jpg Global Applications, Projects and Resources
There are applications being created globally to track citizens that may have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who is, perform surveillance, carry out tests for symptoms, etc.. These applications may have Privacy and Security risks and vulnerabilities.
Covid19-guide-returning-to-work.jpg Guidance on Safe and Secure return to work
Companies preparing for the easing of coronavirus lockdowns face new and unprecedented challenges as they prepare for opening up offices. Employers and employees should follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state/local public health authorities on how best to slow the spread of this disease and protect workers, customers, clients, and the general public.
Business Square.jpg Information Resource Toolkit for Business
Tools and resources with guidance for businesses during the epidemic.
Municipalities Square.jpg Information Resource Toolkit for Cities and Communities
Collection of useful information for cities and communities.
First Responders Square.jpg Information Resource Toolkit for First Responders
Tools and resources for First Responders guidance during the epidemic.
BusinessResilience.jpeg Online Meeting & Collaboration Tools - Commercial
COVID19 has created a need for organizations and individuals to connect and collaborate remotely using conferencing tools.
Business Square.jpg Productivity Tools - Commercial
During this difficult time of change and disruption, businesses and organizations must be productive and nimble while optimizing cash flow and streamlining operations.
Remote Access Tools.jpg Remote Access Tools -Commercial
To cope with the current COVID19 disruption, organizations and individuals require flexible mobile and remote work arrangements beyond their traditional workplaces, while ensuring confidential data and systems are protected.
Advisories.jpg Security & Privacy Advisories
FBI is cautioning against the ‘Other’ Coronavirus Crisis, Cybersecurity & Privacy risks and scams.

There is a lot of currents and anticipated criminal activities at an unprecedented scale as criminals devise means to prey upon the public’s fears.

SCity2022.jpg US States Case Studies & Guidance
A collection of US States Case Studies & Guidance