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Lee W McKnight
Name Lee W McKnight
Company Syracuse University Syracuse
Company Position Associate Professor
City, State Syracuse NY
Country United States
Sectors Data
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COVID Image.jpg GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit
This eResouceKit is your guide to Working, Learning, and Living from Home, with your security and privacy defended. It will be a long and challenging road for us all, but we can and will get there, together by taking informed actions to gain control and risk prioritization during and after the pandemic - Cities and Communities, Businesses, First Responders, and Self-Employed/Gig Workers
Secure Cloud Architecture SC3-cpSriA.jpg Secure Cloud Architecture SC3-cpSriA
Smart cities run largely on cloud services for efficiency and affordability reasons. Residents, government agencies, and small and medium businesses can benefit from an Architecture or Framework for privacy and rights-inclusive security practices across smart city and community cloud services. First, the City of Syracuse, New York, USA, in cooperation with Syracuse University and SC3-cpSriA Action Cluster(Smart City and Community Challenge Cloud privacy security rights inclusive Architecture) consider how the Architecture guidelines may apply. The SC3-cpSriA Action Cluster welcomes new members to broaden the debate. First, smart streetlight networks, catch basin monitoring, and water metering projects may consider if and how security, privacy, data protection and rights-inclusive cloud architecture guidelines may be followed. The ethics for facial recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence systems and cloud services in future smart cities with privacy, security and rights-inclusive architecture will also be reviewed. Can architecture guidelines help protect citizens rights and encourage growth of smart city open data lakes, encouraging civic engagement and data privacy security and rights-inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development?