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Published 2022-06-27
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Microsoft is bringing together these individual pillars of identity and access management—threat detection, multi-cloud handling, and credential approval—into one portfolio.

The three parts of the one Entra-ty:

Identity security: Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory flags anomalous access patterns and offers single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access. With a level of automation, admins can control and authorize access to apps and data for specific users.

Multicloud management: Formerly known as CloudKnox Permissions Management, the rebranded product is scratching out that first part and going with Entra Permissions Management, which will be offered as a standalone product in July 2022. The cloud infrastructure entitlement manager, or CIEM, helps users access an organization’s many off-premises environments. “Through one unified pane of glass, you can manage Google Cloud permissions and Azure permissions and AWS permissions,” Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s CVP of security, compliance, identity, management and privacy, told IT Brew.

That unified window, a Permissions Management Dashboard, includes a dropdown list of authorized systems (Azure, AWS, GCP) and folders, along with a funny-sounding “Permission Creep Index.” Not a phonebook of IT’s most eccentric and obnoxious, the Creep Index uses a range of factors to determine an unnecessary accumulation of access rights.

Decentralized identity: Rebranded from Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials, Entra Verified ID acts as a kind of digital wallet, according to Jakkal. Each verifiable credential is a signed container of identity data from an authoritative source—the issuer.