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Scott Tousley
Name Scott Tousley
Company Inca Digital
Company Position Chief Development Officer
City, State Washington, DC
Country United States
Sectors Data
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


COVID Image.jpg GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit
This eResouceKit is your guide to Working, Learning, and Living from Home, with your security and privacy defended. It will be a long and challenging road for us all, but we can and will get there, together by taking informed actions to gain control and risk prioritization during and after the pandemic - Cities and Communities, Businesses, First Responders, and Self-Employed/Gig Workers
First Responders Square.jpg Information Resource Toolkit for First Responders
Tools and resources for First Responders guidance during the epidemic.
First responder.jpg Information for First Responders on Maintaining Operational Capabilities During a Pandemic
First responders have a critical role in pre-hospital emergency care and must continue to provide this essential service and fill the many emergency response roles in a community.

Blueprint Chapters

PrivacyChapter.jpg Benefits and Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks
Cities and communities stand to harvest unprecedented benefits from advances in information and communications technologies (ICT), in general, and Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular. Smart cities inevitably introduce new or heighten existing cyber risks, which demand proper consideration in design to ensure the optimal realization of intended Smart City outcomes.
ConsiderationsChapter.jpg Key Smart City Risk Management Considerations
Operationalizing and standardizing risk management across the organization is critical for minimizing cybersecurity and privacy risks during the development and operation of Smart City capabilities and solutions. It will be up to cities and their partners to determine the appropriate risk management policies and processes to adopt and implement based on their current risk management practices, risk posture, and their risk management strategy. While aspects of risk management may seem daunting and challenging, there are certainly opportunities that cities can leverage to their advantage.
SmartCityChapter.jpg Looking Beyond Today’s Smart City Deployment
According to McKinsey & Company, the value of Internet of things technologies in the smart city environment is worth between $930 billion to $1.7 trillion per year in 2025. The impact is staggering and much of the projected ROI is based on effective data collection, management, processing, interpretation and timely application in the field. With less than 1% of the data available being currently used, the opportunity to make quantum leaps is enormous. Those organizations that incorporate interoperability into their existing systems obtain 40% more value. Additionally, the industrial use case for data is 200% more valuable than in the consumer markets. Clearly cities must unlock the value of data beyond the hype.
ProblemChapter.jpg The Urbanization Challenge That Cities Face
Cities are facing a crisis. If you ask most Mayors what they want for their cities, they will say “jobs, economic growth, a healthy vibrant and safe community that offers an inclusive high quality of life for all of its citizens.” But to accomplish these things, a city must plan and manage its assets efficiently, to include it most precious asset – its people.
Risk-management.jpg Trustworthy Smart Cities through Risk Management
Organizations participating in the Smart City environment – whether as municipalities, critical infrastructure operators, product or service providers, or citizens – already consider at least some aspects of risk (e.g., business risk, reputational risk) in the development and deployment of Smart City capabilities and solutions. And one growing area of risk is cybersecurity and privacy risk.