Taoyuan Taiwan

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Taoyuan Taiwan
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Type of Municipality City
Date Established January 11, 1946
Area 471 sq.mi1,219.885 sq.km <br />301,440 Acres <br />
Elevation 338 ft103.022 m <br />
Population 22450592,245,059 people <br />
Timezone UTC+8

Taoyuan District, formerly known as Taoyuan City, is a district of Taoyuan City in northwestern Taiwan. The seat of Taoyuan City is situated within its borders. It is the most populous district among the 12 districts of Taoyuan City, and the second most populous among the many districts of Taiwan, with the most populous being Banqiao District in New Taipei City.


Taiwan-autonomous-vehicle.jpg Full functioned Autonomous driving development park in Taiwan
Key Deliverables
  • Provide a completed and closed testing Area for Autonomous Car including traffic sign and speed.
  • Provide NVidia Autonomous driving solution and also DGX Server for AI system training
  • Provide UC-Win/Road and CarSim real-time simulator for driving behavior
  • Provide HD Map for autonomous Car
Taoyuan City Water Resources Information System.jpg Taoyuan City Water Resources Information System
The core value of the System is to protect life and properties of people. The major purpose of developing the System is to apply technology of Smart Disaster Prevention and Internet of Things (IoT), and to build a resilient and sustainable city.
TransitHub3.png Taoyuan Mobile Citizen Card
In respond to the needs of mobile payment and the popularization of mobile devices, Taoyuan City Government works with telecom companies and e-ticket companies to integrate the citizen card into the sim card of a mobile phone so that citizens are allowed to enjoy all the functions and service of a citizen card on their phone such as borrowing books, taking trains/metros/buses, renting Ubikes, purchasing at a convenience store, accumulating bonuses, etc., and getting special discounts at certain stores. Citizens are thus given more options in ways to use their citizen cards.
TaoyuanCitizenCard.png Taoyuan citizen card
In respond to the rapid growth of Taoyuan’s population, the upgrading of government service, the development of industries, and the popularization of urban infrastructure, the card intends to connect the government, businesses, and citizens and integrate service. Business resources are also integrated to create a win-win collaborative model for citizens, businesses, and the government.