Full functioned Autonomous driving development park in Taiwan

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Full functioned Autonomous driving development park in Taiwan
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Taiwan Autonomous Vehicle
Team Organizations Kingwaytek Technology Co.Ltd
Team Leaders Renee Lin
Participating Municipalities Taoyuan Taiwan
Status Launched
Document None


Key Deliverables

  • Provide a completed and closed testing Area for Autonomous Car including traffic sign and speed.
  • Provide NVidia Autonomous driving solution and also DGX Server for AI system training
  • Provide UC-Win/Road and CarSim real-time simulator for driving behavior
  • Provide HD Map for autonomous Car


For the developing stage of Autonomous Car, it costs a lot to collecting driving data and also get the safety problem when road testing.


Our lab including the driving testing environment and also simulator of all kinds of traffic and weather conditions. It saves cost and also ensure the safety in developing stage.

Major Requirements

We welcome following industry which related in Smart driving could be a part of our lab and we could invite them to visit our park in Taiwan.

  • Autonomous Car vendor which want to into Taiwan Market
  • Parts of smart driving and we could help to link to the supply chain.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Create 15 propose opportunity to Car Vendors
  • Link the supply train of smart-driving and also autonomous driving over 30.
  • Arouse 50,000 audience’s attention and awareness of autonomous Car.
  • We will use questionnaire after citizens have a test ride
  • Sign MOU or provide meeting minutes after engaging car vendors.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

We set the test procedure and verified model which qualified with the government rule and could easily copy to other cities.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

We also build up an information Security lab which help to ensure the security of V2X and automatics.


We hope we could create awareness of autonomous industry in Taiwan and also link the smart driving supply chain.


Our Hutousan innovation autonomous driving park already open at the end of June, 2019. And it’s a full function testing lab in Taiwan. We will show the testing items and also the future of autonomous industry.