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Team Members New York State Department of Health Rural Development Council
State of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
The Rural Broadband Association
Joint Venture Silicon Valley
Georgia Tech
Texas Tech University
University of California
Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Virginia
Purdue University
John Deere
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Science and Technology Directorate
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Blueprint Rural

This set od 9 projects is managed by theRural team with the goal to develop projects, best practices and a blueprint to assist rural communities and agriculturists increase productivity and quality of life. The ARSC will focus on efforts aimed at ensuring viable rural communities for farmers and other residents by improving educational resources (including closing the homework gap), healthcare, ability aging in place, and economic development. Special attention to farming engage best practices for precision agriculture and livestock management, including better broadband-enabled access to markets and Federal and state agencies.


  • Mahesh Nattanmai
    President at MTX Group
    Rexford NY United States
  • Josh Seidemann
    Vice President Of Policy at NTIA
    Washington DC United States
  • Gabriel Youtsey
    CIO Agriculture at UC Davis
    Davis CA United States


HamiltonOH.png 575-HOPE A technology solution to address Preparedness Response and Recovery from opioid and all types of addiction
Integration of available resources and services related to addiction in Hamilton County Ohio in to a program to breakdown data silos, determine best practices, and improve outcomes. This includes a SMS text messaging platform branded “575-HOPE” to engage, inform, and educate those struggling with opioid addictions, and their caretakers. With the capability to proactively inform users that have interacted with the platform of emergency events, the AI-powered and callcenter backed application provides one point-of-entry for those in crisis, ongoing support for those in recovery, and a database of the journey of those individuals accessing services for evaluation by program providers and policy makers.
BlockchainHealth.jpeg Blockchain and Public Health
The Action cluster will aim to help collaborate with key stakeholders in the public health community to help create a Guide on best practices, case studies, and standards. The Guide will help guide key decision makers as they begin to formulate their policy positions on Blockchain and Public Health issues.
Farmtofork.jpg Farm to Fork Crop Tracking
Tracking a berry crop at the box, bin, or tote level from harvest in the field to end user. Monitor in near real time temperature, humidity, shock and other environmental conditions to ensure product quality after harvest, throughout transit and during storage.

Potential to use blockchain to ensure authenticity of food safety certification which can travel with each sensor.

MAGIC1.jpg MAGIC Smart Home Smart Community Project
Install sensors and an in-home intelligent integration platform to demonstrate telemedicine features in a medically vulnerable group home setting; connected by Software Defined Networking (SDN) to other interested community partners utilizing the Westminster Fiber Network, to create the fundamental operational unit of a truly Smart Community.
Micoclimates-internal.jpg Microclimate Prediction for Willamette Valley Vineyards
Leveraging regional weather data and weather stations at individual vineyards to develop a regional prediction for when bud break and bloom will happen as well as highly specific predictions of those same dates for individual vineyards. Additional opportunities to predict and develop alerts for freezes, powdery mildew, and other events targeted at specific vineyards.
Resiliance Hubs Hawaii.jpg Resilience HUB - Vibrant Hawaii
A goal of the Resilience Hub initiative is to build individual capacity and community networks to be resilient and ready for anything. To get there, Vibrant Hawai'i hosted a Resilience Leadership Academy (RLA) - a monthly development program with curated content by local experts.
SmartRuralCommunityAC.jpg Smart Rural Community
The Smart Rural Community (SRC) network is made up of a group of carefully vetted, rural broadband providers who are committed to driving growth and creating opportunities for their communities. SRC providers enable fast, reliable and sustainable connectivity needed to thrive in an online world, especially as the demand for distance learning, telemedicine and remote work grows. And for those who live in these communities, it means equal opportunity for education, resources, entrepreneurship and more.
Rural Care Macon Georgia.jpg Virtual Care Delivery Model to Sustainably Expand the Capacity and Reach of Health Systems to Deliver High-Quality Care in Rural Communities
  • Leverage cutting-edge mobile software platform to empower healthcare providers to effectively extend care beyond brick-and-mortar facilities and deliver clinical support in a coordinated, data-driven, and timely manner
  • Empower patients with technology to become active stakeholders in their care
  • Shift from a reactive model of care (care delivery only when patient is sick) to a more proactive, continuous one (intervening sooner and keeping patients healthy through monitoring/virtual communication)
  • Strengthen communities and populations by using improved access to care as a fulcrum
IowaStateUniversity.jpg Wireless Living Lab for Smart Agriculture and Rural Communities
* Establish a wireless living lab at an Iowa State University research farm for cross-domain, cross-discipline research, education, and pilot of smart ag and rural connectivity solutions
  • Work with wireless and agriculture research and education communities as well as potential rural communities in scaling the living lab software and hardware systems as well as services