Josh Seidemann

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Josh Seidemann
Name Josh Seidemann
Company NTIA
Company Position Vice President Of Policy
City, State Washington DC
Country United States
Sectors Rural
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SmartRuralCommunityAC.jpg Smart Rural Community
The Smart Rural Community (SRC) network is made up of a group of carefully vetted, rural broadband providers who are committed to driving growth and creating opportunities for their communities. SRC providers enable fast, reliable and sustainable connectivity needed to thrive in an online world, especially as the demand for distance learning, telemedicine and remote work grows. And for those who live in these communities, it means equal opportunity for education, resources, entrepreneurship and more.

Blueprint Chapters

PrecisionFarming.jpg Precision Farming
Precision farming is a type of smart agriculture that uses technology such as GPS, sensors, and mapping tools to gather data on soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop growth. This data can then be used to make more informed decisions about planting, fertilization, and harvesting. The goal of precision farming is to increase yields while minimizing waste and environmental impact by applying inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides at the right time and in the right amount. Precision farming can also include the use of precision farming equipment such as auto-steer tractors, yield monitors and variable rate application equipment which helps farmers to apply inputs in a more precise and efficient way. Overall, precision farming is a data-driven approach to farming that uses technology to optimize crop production and improve efficiency.
RuralChapter.jpg Rural
A rural community is typically defined as a group of people living in a rural area, which is an area that is not considered to be urban or suburban. Rural areas are typically characterized by lower population densities, less developed infrastructure, and a greater reliance on agriculture and natural resources for economic activity.