Ed Lisle

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Ed Lisle
Name Ed Lisle
Company LATERAL.systems
Company Position President & CTO
City, State McMinnville OR
Country United States
Sectors Rural
Smart Region
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Blueprint Chapters

SmartAgBanner.jpg Regenerative Agriculture
REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE (RegenAG) involves shifting from a carbon intensive food system to carbon-negative agriculture that restores rather than degrades ecosystems. While there is no globally accepted definition, this term is widely accepted to refer to integrated systems of farming, ranching, and pastoral practices that contribute to stabilizing the planet’s climate and carbon cycles by rehabilitating and safeguarding biodiversity and living systems.
RuralChapter.jpg Rural
A rural community is typically defined as a group of people living in a rural area, which is an area that is not considered to be urban or suburban. Rural areas are typically characterized by lower population densities, less developed infrastructure, and a greater reliance on agriculture and natural resources for economic activity.