Hello Lamp Post UBC Campus

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Hello Lamp Post UBC Campus
Hello Lamp Post UBC Campus
Team Organizations University of British Columbia
Hello Lamp Post
Team Leaders Tiernan Mines
Participating Municipalities Vancouver BC
Sectors Wellbeing
Status Implemented
Last Updated May 22, 2024


Initially launched as a pilot project, Hello UBC was designed to innovatively engage students and staff on campus, to support the parking and access services team. Their goal was to communicate key messages and gain insights into the behaviours of commuters and visitors around campus. The pilot project received 3,630 unique plays and 12,948 interactions, across 100 live object reference points. Since then, there has been a further rollout across the campus, with more interactive reference points that can assist with student satisfaction, cultural storytelling and improvements to the planning process on site.

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Project Goals
  • To engage with students and staff, away from traditional norms, in an innovative and playful way.
  • The university team wanted to explore the creation of a resilient network, to communicate key messages and gain insights from visitors to the campus.
  • To find out more about parking habits, uncover student perceptions and to explore data trends, which would be used to help improve how students experience public spaces around the university campus.
  • To provide an interactive FAQ where participants could easily access information about parking - e.g. how to pay for parking, what to do if they got a fine and where they could purchase parking permits.
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Project Outcomes
  • The campus now has a wide, resilient network for student communications, available 24/7 at the point of access.
  • There is now a continuous feedback system for the university to address the pain points of both the students and visitors commuting to campus.
  • University experiences and student satisfaction rates have continued to increase, since the deployment of Hello Lamp Post.

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