Hello Lamp Post

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Hello Lamp Post
Hello Lamp Post Logo.jpg
Sector Wellbeing
Industrial Commercial & Professional Services
Business type Limited Liability Company
Year Founded October 2017
Founder(s) Tiernan Mines
City, State London
Country United Kingdom
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Tiernan Mines CEO
Revenue $0€ 0 <br />£ 0 <br />
Number of employees 5
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Hello Lamp Post is a communications and engagement platform that connects people to their town or city, using AI. By encouraging people to playfully interact with objects in their everyday surroundings, Hello Lamp Post is making local information more accessible, whilst gathering citizen insights and sentiment, at scale and in real time - at a cost that is a fraction of your Welcome Back Fund allocation. Through simple text-based mobile phone chats, Hello Lamp Post is helping to drive the way we shape local areas and services, positively impacting places where we live, work and play.



Hello Lamp Post is a group of people driven to bring cities and their citizens closer together. Hello Lamp Post has been deployed in 25 cities around the world such as Vancouver, Singapore, London, Malmo, Summerside, Belfast and Mesa.


Hello Lamp Post’s most exciting projects have been designed for forward thinking urban planners, governments and construction companies. Hello Lamp Post has been used in cities around the world for community consultation, consumer research, playful engagement and storytelling.