CryptoMove San Leandro Smart Lights Project

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CryptoMove San Leandro Smart Lights Project
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Interactive Lights along W.Estudillo
Team Organizations CryptoMove
Paradox Engineering
Team Leaders Anton Batalla
Participating Municipalities San Leandro CA
Status Implemented
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Create reference architecture for Smart Lights and Sensors via deployment of CryptoMove Moving Target Data Protection to render data onto a constantly shifting and mutating defensive fabric, thereby greatly decreasing the likelihood of exfiltration of sensitive data, and likewise for ransomware probability.


Cities are under increasing attack due to ransomware and other threat actors


CryptoMove’s proposed solution renders common attacks intractable as it removes contextual cues while increasing obfuscation via various distributed computation techniques

Major Requirements

  • Develop and assemble project team
  • Create scope and requirements, project plan
  • Develop system architecture
  • Create application development team, develop application
  • design and roll out pilot
  • Gain stakeholder support and buy-in from the City of San Leandro

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Increased recoverability of data, stemming from corruption / ransomware
  • Decreased vulnerability of private/confidential data to standard attacks
  • Penetration testing by third party evaluators as well as city government employees.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  1. Standardized processes are not unique to city or region and can be replicated and scaled up in multiple cities/communities.
  2. Interoperability guidance under PE.STONE and PE.AMI protocols by Paradox Engineering

Cybersecurity and Privacy

CryptoMove is currently being used by the Department of Homeland Security to secure live video data captured by drone fleets in flight. Fragmentation, Data Mutation, Encryption, along with constant movement are used to unanchor attackers from progressing down a kill chain


Instating Moving Target Data Protection on the Smart Light program ensures and protects the functionality of the program. The smart light program will save the City of San Leandro millions of dollars in energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 1000 annual metric tons. A successful data protection of the Smart Light program may lead to future projects such as smart parking, smart traffic sensors (etc.) which will only add to the impacts mentioned above.

  • Improving cyber security
  • Decreasing needs for intrusion maintenance
  • Community acceptance to be replicated across other Smart Cities/Smart Lights/Smart Sensors initiatives across the United States


Real-time working application tied into City of San Leandro’s Paradox Engineering Smart Lights platform. Demonstration will include simulated data exfiltration, data corruption, and ransomware attacks and impact to the platform with and without the proposed solution