Anatomy of a Smart City

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Anatomy of a Smart City
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Schenectady New York Post Office
Team Organizations National Grid
The Daily Gazette
Team Leaders John Coluccio
Participating Municipalities Schenectady NY
Status Launched
Document None


Showing the connecting fiber of a Smart City with Local Government, Public and Private Utilities and Services, Smart Building Technology, Communicating and sharing of Information to residents, business and the community as a whole with emphasis on security throughout the process.


Formulating a plan for collecting and sharing of analytic data while maintaining privacy for the public. Understanding the ROI of various initiatives that communities are undertaking.



Major Requirements

  • Formulating a vision for Use Cases / Needs Assessment
  • Evaluation of current available technology
  • Design of a Core Network(s) for Communications
  • Developing strong partnerships to help guarantee success
  • Create metrics to assist with understanding benefits
  • Creating transparency in communicating process to stakeholders
  • Create initiatives that will provide businesses, residents and travelers value and engagement.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Reduce street lighting energy consumption by over 50%
  • Improve efficiency of street lighting MTTR by 50%
  • Improve information dissemination with localized targeted content
  • Stipulate street lighting energy savings using industry standards and confirm with real time data
  • Compare current MTTR data to project MTTR
  • Compare current engagement numbers to project measured values

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

This designed project is built on the ability to scale itself both smaller and larger to have positive impacts on communities. The evaluations of ROI will help provide the sustainability model for any local government to determine its effectiveness.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Incorporating Network Automation tools to reduce configuration issues using advanced analytics while proactively monitoring the network for cybersecurity issues. Privacy concerns will be addressed as one of the hallmarks of the project.


This project anticipates becoming a sandbox for new technology encouraging use of data for businesses to create new applications. Reduction in energy consumption for street lighting and evaluation of smart building technology are central to the project. Our partnerships with media partners aim to improve health and quality of life goals while analytics look to improve our public safety concerns.


  • Provide project status report
  • Network Design map of deployment showing technology
  • Physical Deployment Map
  • Display of Equipment employed as part of the project
  • Examples of Web Design for Public Engagement