John Coluccio

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John Coluccio
Name John Coluccio
Company City of Schenectady
Company Position Signal Superintendent
City, State Schenectady NY
Country United States
Sectors Buildings
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Schenectady New York Post Office.jpg Anatomy of a Smart City
Showing the connecting fiber of a Smart City with Local Government, Public and Private Utilities and Services, Smart Building Technology, Communicating and sharing of Information to residents, business and the community as a whole with emphasis on security throughout the process.
SchenectadyWiFi.jpeg Connecting Communities with Public Wi-Fi technology and local Tourism mobile applications
Provide areas of Public Wi-Fi for use by residents, employees and visitors while deploying informational mobile application showcasing local businesses and giving real time data for local trolley schedules.

Using technology to collect data which will improve the operation of local governments.