Technology Association of Oregon

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Technology Association of Oregon
TAO logo-with-wordmark.png
NIST Sector Data
GICS Industrial Commercial & Professional Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Nonprofit
Year Founded September 2011
Founder(s) Skip Newberry
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Region Served State
Executives Skip Newberry
Revenue $2M€ 1.76 <br />£ 1.48 <br />CA$ 2.54 <br />CNY 12.66 <br />KRW 2.451 <br />
Number of employees 7
Sponsorship Level Sponsor


To create an inclusive, world-class innovation economy in Oregon and SW Washington that strengthens our regional technology industry.


BreakingTheCode.jpg Breaking the Code The UN-hackathon
Multnomah County, Oregon is partnering with Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) and other local groups to host a community collaborative problem solving event and an ongoing, community-based technology incubator called Breaking the Code.

We aim to break some of the barriers that exist among organizations that specifically serve people of color and the broad, local tech community. Partnering together gives us a platform to bridge the gap between the two and provide opportunities for Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) to become more efficient and effective in their targeted service delivery. A longer term goal is the creation of community-based and community-led technology start-ups.

Breaking the Code’s framework leverages assets from the public sector (data, staff, technology platforms, public infrastructure, small business incubation, etc.), and the technology industry (technology solutions, expertise, professionals, funding, etc.) with the goal of making CBOs more successful serving their community.

This, in turn, fulfils the promise of smart cities as “thriving communities” with well being across the life span, equity and access, sustainability, resiliency, and vibrant arts and culture.

Oregon Digital Safety Net.jpg Oregon Digital Safety Net
Digital communications are necessary to participate in mainstream life today.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be employed, housed, and reasonably healthy and stable, financially and emotionally, know how dependent we are on our digital devices to navigate our daily lives.


Strategic Initiative #1: Deliver Extraordinary Value to Our Members

  • Our members are our number one priority when it comes to developing and delivering programs, services and connection opportunities.
  • We strive to bring together a membership that is diverse, inclusive, equitable and creates a sense of belonging across the region.

Strategic Initiative #2: Drive Innovation & Digital Transformation

  • We support and foster innovation among our members, sponsors, government agencies, K-12 and post secondary education institutes and community partners.
  • We act as a convener, collaborator and architect to enable innovation and the digital transformation of all businesses in the region.
  • While we focus on these efforts externally, we are also internally motivated to embrace innovation and digitally transform TAO to be the model membership organization of the 21st century.

Strategic Initiative #3: Build Economic Competitiveness

  • We believe in the power of technology to build an economically competitive region both through tech and tech enabled companies as well as with the service partners that support the industry.
  • We also recognize the role diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging play in economic competitiveness and support policies and initiatives that build a more equitable technology and innovation ecosystem.