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Shivakumar Mathapathi
Name Shivakumar Mathapathi
Company Xtrans Solutions
Company Position CTO
City, State San Jose CA
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
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RohnertPark.jpg Advanced Flood Warning and Environmental Awareness
AFWEAR is a real-time network of environmental sensors, including rain and precipitation sensors that will be located throughout the city of Rohnert Park, a city at the base of Sonoma Mountain in Sonoma County, CA, located 50 miles north of San Francisco with population of 40,000. The purpose of the system will be the following:
  • Improve flood response time and efficiency throughout the city.
  • Link rainfall observations in the upper watershed (on the hill) and coasts to predictions of stream flow in the city.
  • Provide ability to incorporate various environmental sensors, watershed models (assessment tools to plan and manage watersheds), and user-friendly communication tools into the network to allow for rapid understanding and collaboration between scientists, citizens, and city planners as necessary in response to environmental “events”.
Eyre Square Galway City.jpg Galway Smart City
Galway has pioneered some smart city ideas. It has implemented an award winning 3 bin recycling scheme that achieved higher levels of recycling than any before seen in Ireland. Galway was the first city in Ireland to achieve the European Energy Award. It is involved in a number of projects to reduce energy usage and to lower the levels of carbon emissions. It adopted a smarter travel policy, including a new public transport strategy, various schemes to encourage citizen’s mobility (cycling and walking) and improved traffic management systems. The ‘slow the flow’ programme reduced the amount of drinking water being wasted in the City. In terms of education, Galway was possibly the first City in the world to achieve Green Flag status in all of its schools.

Galway Smart City - Light Pollution This project ensure the design of external lighting that minimizes the incidence of light pollution, glare and spillage into the surrounding environment and has due regard to the visual and residential amenities of surrounding areas.

Galway Smart City - Air Quality and Noise This project aims for maintaining air quality to a satisfactory standard by regulating and monitoring atmospheric emissions in accordance with EU directives on air quality, by promoting and supporting initiatives to reduce air pollution, by increasing the use of public transport, developing urban woodland, encouraging tree planting and conserving green open space.

TIoT-Enabled Smart City Framework.png IoT Enabled Smart City Workshop
Create tutorials, workshop and practice use cases for smart cities.

Demonstrate smart city applications as per NIST framework (work in progress). The workshop also discusses about IoT standards and protocol which would help ; community partners and city/municipality staff to get familiar with national as well as international IoT standards.

Demonstrate how the vulnerability and external threats affect Cybersecurity and privacy. Build a model for the city and municipality leaders to visualize and take corrective steps.

Build prototypes as per municipalities requirement and scale for other cities. Utilize NSF funded Maker’s space at Sonoma State University. The Lab is open for all cities/municipalities to build their proto types. The Lab has facilities to build product from scratch. (paper concept to proto type)

SanLeandroGarbage.jpg IoT based waste management system-Smart Garbage Monitoring System
Smart Garbage Monitoring System (SGMS) is a real time indicator of the level of trash at any given time. SGMS Optimize waste collection routes and ultimately reduce fuel consumption. It allows trash collectors to plan their daily/weekly pick up schedule. SGMS is to detect garbage level in Garbage Can. A unique identification number ( ID) is given to each can. As soon as the Garbage Can is full/ over flowing then a SMS is sent to the server from where all the garbage collection vehicles are allotted.
Covenant University.jpg SmartCU - Covenant University Smart City
  1. The project seeks to create an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent work, social and living environment that engender positive real-time interaction of people, places, things and processes with the Covenant University community.
  2. The goal is to create a smart community through an integration of relevant emergent technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, ICT networks, wireless sensor networks, artificial intelligence, and Big Data analytics.
  3. The emphasis is on the creation of a model Smart City, using Covenant University as the case study.