Resilience HUB - Vibrant Hawaii

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Resilience HUB - Vibrant Hawaii
Resiliance Hubs Hawaii.jpg
Vibrant Hawaii Hubs
Team Organizations Vibrant Hawaii
Point of Contact Ashley Kierkiewicz
Janice Ikeda
Participating Municipalities Hawaii County
Sectors Buildings
Public Safety
Status Implemented
Last Updated July 24, 2024


A goal of the Resilience Hub initiative is to build individual capacity and community networks to be resilient and ready for anything. To get there, Vibrant Hawai'i hosted a Resilience Leadership Academy (RLA) - a monthly development program with curated content by local experts.

Between February and May 2021, we held space online for a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and best practices to be shared. Participants were equipped with tools to apply the learning, and be encouraged to connect with peers within their cohort to reflect and discuss their experiences.

  • Resilience Leadership Academy topics included:
  • External Communication & Community Relations
  • Team Building & Internal Communication
  • Volunteer Management & Recognition
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response

Through the RLA, grassroots leaders had the opportunity to hone and develop skill sets, cultivate relationships with folks around the island, and be part of a resilient community network to advance vibrant, positive outcomes. Vibrant Hawaii Hubs

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