ROSE - Real Time Operational Smart Grid for Europe

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ROSE - Real Time Operational Smart Grid for Europe
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Savona Campus Energy Grid
Team Organizations Maps Group
Genoa University
Integrated Planning Policy and Regulation
European Commission
Clarify Austin
Team Leaders Giuseppe Franceschelli
Sabatino Gallotta
Participating Municipalities Genoa Italy
Status Launched
Document None


The ROSE project is

  • based on the integration and development of advanced ICT tools that can provide the coordinated work of customers, aggregator and Distribution System Operators (DSO).
  • the support for DSOs and customers to plan and adapt the energy consumptions to the best situation, usually looking for cheaper costs.


  • ROSE project is the technical and economic viability of intelligent Smart Microgrid nodes, interconnected with Smart Aggregators for global optimization as an effective way to implement an open, active demand/response system integrated with the Grid.


  • The result of ROSE project is a platform integrated with Smart Aggregator and the DSO to send the D/R signals to customers.
  • ROSE project is a new paradigm of heterogeneous systems interoperability with Smart Aggregator component based on Real Time Semantic Engine, fed by endogenous data grid and web & social network source appropriately distilled

Major Requirements

  • Innovative ICT technologies
  • Testing and development of simulation and optimization models within Energy Management System for monitoring, planning and management of energy systems
  • Improvement of economic and environment sustainability

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Day-ahead production scheduling of dispatchable sources and storage exploiting renewables forecast and optimization techniques
  • Real time optimal control of production and storage systems
  • Optimal thermal & electrical energy consumptions, minimizing the CO2 emissions, annual operating costs and primary energy use
  • Actually the status of the project is at concept level, shared and approved by Municipality and University of Genova then the goal is to obtain the following KPI: overall usage of power generated by renewable sources in the Microgrid (target: 25% increase), reduction of CO2 emission (target: 10% reduction)
  • Benchmarking based on historical data and on power plants data; periodical measurements of energy produced and either stored or sent to the grid; estimates of CO2 overall reduction of emissions based on the benchmarks

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • The relevant ICT component of ROSE project is Smart Aggregator.
  • Smart Aggregator is a data platform with a fully-configurable Semantic Engine to analyze, measure and evaluate Big Data in Real Time
  • Smart Aggregator has a complete suite of synchronous and asynchronous API for integration with existing enterprise platforms (e.g., Operational Intelligence, Business Intelligence, etc.).
  • The Smart Aggregator is a fully software solution that can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. As such is fully replicable. Scalability is ensured by the software architecture itself that is a derivation of a well-established web listening solution of MAPS (WebDistilled) that already handles at more than 4Million events per day. Sustainability is also ensured by the immateriality of the solution that can be replicated with a minimal environmental impact

Cybersecurity and Privacy



ROSE project optimize smart grids within three different levels:

  • Micro-Grid/Smart-Grid
  1. Data from Microgrid Operational Management
  2. Data from Demand/Response Productive building
  3. Data from Planning and Forecast
  • Smart Aggregator
  • DSO (Distribution System Operators)
  1. Decision requirements
  2. Market information


  • Phase I Pilot/Demonstration:
  1. Concept and Solution Architecture Presentation
  2. Real Time Operational Intelligence with Smart Aggregation Demo
  • Phase II Deployment:
  1. Pilot Project in collaboration with Municipality of Genova - Italy