Personalized Dashboard for the Residents

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Personalized Dashboard for the Residents
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San Leandro Dashboard
Team Organizations YoGov
Team Leaders Ryder Pearce
Participating Municipalities San Leandro
Status Launched


YoGov and the City of San Leandro partnered to create an Amazon-like dashboard for city residents, helping residents quickly and easily find services most relevant to them. The dashboard also promotes city services, events, and news that are important to the city.


San Leandro has hundreds of services to help residents but the vast majority of residents don't know about them.


Instead of residents looking at a long list of services trying to figure out what is relevant to them, this project creates a smarter and more delightful experience for residents. Residents login to their dashboard and see services that are helpful to them!

Major Requirements

  • Create inventory of existing city services
  • Analyze existing web traffic, both qualitatively and quantitively with analytics
  • Link city services to the website dashboard
  • Create residents profiles and begin to pilot with residents
  • Iterate on the profiles and design of the dashboard based on feedback
  • Collect initial data understanding new patterns and behavior of city services usage
  • Public launch to residents

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The goal is to increase resident satisfaction with the city and resident usage of city services:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)of City Residents for the New Dashboard (score of +50 or higher)
  • Page Traffic 25% higher than existing website

For NPS, survey sent to all new users after 30 days. For traffic, based on Google Analytics, benchmarking with existing web traffic from July and August.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • The project creates a new standard and approach for how residents interact with their city and government services. By collecting key characteristics of residents, each city can design a similar “services profile” for their residents. The services profile becomes smarter, like Amazon or Netflix, over time, increasingly being able to target (passively or actively) residents with services they need or want.
  • As outlined in the project approach, each city can adhere to a “services inventory” and “existing services traffic” approach. From their, the dashboard template can be customized for each city and residents can begin to create accounts and access services.

Cybersecurity and Privacy


The YoGov portal for residents helps service accessibility and service efficiency. Planned economic benefits include more efficient public expenditure, increased accessibility for services promoting health, safety, and education, and increase city competitiveness and attractiveness for new businesses


The San Leandro web portal will be live in beta, so users can create accounts and view their dashboard as it would like if they were a resident in San Leandro.

In segment Data

Year Started 2017