Oregon Data Catalog

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Oregon Data Catalog
Oregon Data Catalog
Team Organizations State of Oregon
Team Leaders Kathryn Helms
Participating Municipalities Salem OR
Sectors Data
Status Launched
Last Updated May 24, 2024


The Oregon Data Catalog is a platform for managing and publishing data sets that are relevant to the state of Oregon in the United States. The platform is based on CKAN, which is a free and open-source software platform for managing and publishing data. The Oregon Data Catalog provides access to a wide range of data sets, including statistics, maps, reports, and other types of data. The data sets are organized into categories, such as demographics, economics, education, and environment, and can be searched and browsed by keyword or topic.

The Oregon Data Catalog is maintained by the Oregon State Library and is intended to be a user-friendly resource for finding and accessing data about Oregon. It is designed to be a resource for government agencies, researchers, businesses, and the general public, and it is intended to help promote transparency and accountability by making data more readily available to the public.

Some examples of the types of data that are available through the Oregon Data Catalog include:

  • Demographic data, such as population statistics and information about the diversity of Oregon's communities
  • Economic data, including information about employment, income, and business activity in the state &Environmental data, including data about air quality, water quality, and natural resources
  • Education data, including statistics about enrollment, performance, and funding for Oregon's schools

Using the Catalog

To access the Oregon Data Catalog, you can visit the website at https://data.oregon.gov/. From the homepage, you can browse data sets by category or use the search function to find data sets that are relevant to your interests.

Once you have found a data set that you would like to access, you can click on the data set's title to view more information about it. From the data set's page, you can download the data in a variety of formats, view metadata about the data set, and access any related documentation or resources.

To download data from the Oregon Data Catalog, you will typically need to agree to the terms of use for the data set and provide your contact information. This information is used to track the usage of the data and to ensure that it is used appropriately.

You can also access the Oregon Data Catalog through the CKAN API, which allows you to programmatically access and download data sets. To use the CKAN API, you will need to sign up for an API key and follow the documentation provided by the Oregon State Library.