Joint Venture Silicon Valley

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Joint Venture Silicon Valley
Sector Wireless
Industrial Software & Services
Business type Limited Liability Company
Year Founded 1993
City, State San Jose CA
Country United States
Region Served State
Executives Nicole Taylor
Number of employees
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Joint Venture builds the framework for regional thought, analysis and action by assembling Silicon Valley’s leaders in business, government, academia, labor and the nonprofit sector to assess our challenges, reach consensus on the best strategies for response and work on solutions together. That’s the Joint Venture way.


EastPaloAltoInnovation.jpg East Palo Alto Neighborhood Innovation Zone
* PPP demonstration project leveraging fiber optic, smart poles and wireless technologies (CBRS, Wi-Fiber, TIP Open Network, etc.) for connecting underserved neighborhoods.
  • Coalition between non-profits, municipals, and corporations to improve broadband for public good.
  • Focus on connecting community centers, service organizations, and local government facilities.
TIoT-Enabled Smart City Framework.png IoT Device Security for Smart Cities
* Use of PKI to mutually-authenticate IoT devices to networks & gateways
  • Secure provisioning, registration and production PKI certificates
  • Life-Cycle Management of IoT Device certificates


Joint Venture was born in that environment, as an experiment in regional thought and action on issues that do not respect city limits, county borders or state lines: economic development, infrastructure, transportation, communications, education, health care, disaster planning, climate change and more.

Early skeptics doubted the notion that otherwise provincial and disparate interests could convene for a common purpose. Some still do, but the greater goal has largely prevailed. Competitive regions were largely domestic at first, but today span oceans to encompass Shanghai, Beijing, India, Ireland, Eastern Europe, South Asia and beyond.

You and your organization can join with hundreds of leaders working in teams on our current initiatives in such areas as climate prosperity, economic development, and wireless communications. Please take time to visit our initiative pages and contact us to become involved in our work.