NoTraffic Pilot in Redlands CA

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NoTraffic Pilot in Redlands CA
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Optimized Traffic Flow
Team Organizations NoTraffic LTD
Team Leaders Tal Kreisler
Participating Municipalities Redlands CA
Status Launched
Document None


Key Deliverables

  • NoTraffic is developing a solution that enables cities to manage and control traffic based on a network of smart sensors, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication & real-time optimization of signalized intersections.
  • NoTraffic will install the system (4 sensor units and a control unit) at phase one at 1-2 intersections in the city of Redlands CA. Phase one includes collecting data for 2-3 months. Phase 2 will include connecting to the traffic light system and a cloud control panel at the municipality to manage and control the traffic.
  • As this pilot program will commerce successfully, the intention is to install the system throughout the whole system.


  • The NoTraffic system is solving two problem at once regarding traffic management. The first problem is the problem we are facing today- traffic in 2018 is still managed as it was more than 50 years ago. Cars have developed and evolved, grew in numbers and technology, and yet- the traffic light (the way today a city manages its traffic through) almost hasn’t changed at all. Vast majority of traffic lights are still running according to pre- set times, times that were set sometimes up to 20 years ago when the roads look differently, the city and construction was different and there were less cars on the road. As well as them being inefficient and not up-to-date, there is no connection between the traffic that is actually on the road to the traffic light. Furthermore, “Intelligent” Transportation Systems (“ITS”) e.g. inductive loops, preemption systems, connectivity and more are inefficient and extremely expensive. In fact, cities are paying today between-30$K-100$K every 5 years for ITS per signalized intersection.
  • Today, our system reduces up to 70% of cities expenses, while providing them advance system which is able to manage the traffic according to the actual traffic that is on the road at a specific time- through a plug and play sensors equipped with novel AI algorithms that analyze the traffic and based on the city’s traffic management policy optimizing the traffic flow in order to reduce congestion and prevent accidents.
  • Majority of the solutions that are common today are inductive loops - a sensor that is installed usually near the stopping line and are supposed to tell the traffic light if there is a car there. It installation is very expensive, since it required to cut the asphalt out every time its being renewed (every 2-3 years). Inductive loops can only tell when there is a metal object above them. They cannot differentiate between types of vehicles or segment different road users . Our sensor detect and track all the road users in the proximity of the traffic light, from all directions, analyze and truly manage the traffic.
  • The second issue we are facing is that road infrastructure isn’t prepared for the connected era. Our systems allows to establish a dual - communication channel between connected vehicles and road infrastructure in order to provide the connected vehicles another layer of data which includes all the non connected road users including non connected vehicles, pedestrians etc. As well, to receive the location of the vehicles to optimize traffic flow.


Major Requirements

  1. Agreement between the City of Redlands and NoTraffic LTD regarding the pilot installation, dates, details etc. (Done- August 2018)
  2. Installation of NoTraffics system in the first traffic light in the city Redlands, beginning of phase 1 (September- October 2018)
  3. Analyzing and reviewing the data collecting, making adjustments
  4. Beginning of phase 2- connecting NoTraffics system to traffic lights.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The NoTraffic system has a few targets and KPIs for phase 2 of the pilot with Redlands and the operations of the system, will include between others:

  • Uptime of the system- 99% of the time will be running
  • The system will detect 95% of the object correctly, categorizing and detect all details (ETA, Speed, Direction, Type etc).
  • Travel time for vehicles and road users will be decreased by about 30% at phase 2 of the pilot at the corridor the system is installed.
  • Total delay of road users in the corridor the system is managing with be reduced by 25%.

The method to measure the performance and KPI is simple with NoTraffic system. As the system is based on collecting data and analyzing it, at phase one during the Pilot at Redlands CA, NoTrafic system will collect all the initial data and determine by the end of that phase the initial KPI, times and the situation before the system is starting to control and manage the traffic. At phase 2 the system continues to collect data, as well as control and manage the traffic, we will be able to compare all the that data and KPI before the installation and after the installation and phase two.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

As the pilot in Redlands City is planned in the pilot phase to be in 1 or 2 intersections; once it is successfully implanted it is planned to be installed throughout the whole city. Once the NoTraffic system is installed the control of the city’s transportation

Cybersecurity and Privacy

One of NoTraffics founders- Uriel Katz, and other engineers in the company are cybersecurity experts that are focused on this topic. NoTraffic system is built with top of the line security and firewalls. All the data collected is located on a secure cloud that the city alone has access too. As well, as the information to the control unit for each intersection has its own safety security installed so no safety accidents can happen- such as the could be no situation that all the lights are green in all direction which will cause a collision as the traffic control has very strict safety regulation that NoTraffic system can’t modify or change, thus- no cyber attack can overtake through our system.


Full deployment of NoTraffic systems in a city will maximize the road capacity, reduce travel time and accidents significantly. Our goal is to reach full control of a cities traffic signal operation and as a result we will reach an equilibrium of the road supply and demand, i.e connecting the vehicles navigation systems (Google Maps, Waze etc) and the traffic signal operation platform (NoTraffic) in order to reach a new level of proactive optimization of traffic flow.


At the GCTC Expo in early 2019 NoTraffic will be able to talk about the Pilot in Redlands CA, phase 1 and hopefully phase 2 as well. As well, By early 2019, NoTraffic is expected to have at lease one more pilot in at least one more city in the USA and could show and compare.