Tal Kreisler

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Tal Kreisler
Name Tal Kreisler
Company NoTraffic
Company Position Founder and CEO
City, State San Francisco, CA
Country United States
Sectors Transportation
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Notraffic scenario.png NoTraffic Pilot in Redlands CA
Key Deliverables
  • NoTraffic is developing a solution that enables cities to manage and control traffic based on a network of smart sensors, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication & real-time optimization of signalized intersections.
  • NoTraffic will install the system (4 sensor units and a control unit) at phase one at 1-2 intersections in the city of Redlands CA. Phase one includes collecting data for 2-3 months. Phase 2 will include connecting to the traffic light system and a cloud control panel at the municipality to manage and control the traffic.
  • As this pilot program will commerce successfully, the intention is to install the system throughout the whole system.


Notraffic.png NoTraffic
NoTraffic has developed the first AI-powered traffic signal platform that connects road users to the city grid, solving today’s traffic challenges while unlocking smart mobility benefits for the cities, and creating entire new way of life…