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Municipal services are a range of services provided by local governments to the residents of a city, town, or other municipality.

These services may include:

  • Water Supply: Local governments often provide clean drinking water to residents.
  • Sewage Treatment: Local governments often provide for the treatment of wastewater.
  • Garbage and Recycling Collection: Local governments typically provide garbage and recycling collection services to keep communities clean and safe.
  • Public Transportation: Many local governments operate buses, trains, or other forms of public transportation to help people get around the city.
  • Street Maintenance: Local governments are responsible for maintaining roads, streets, and other public thoroughfares within their jurisdiction.
  • Parks and Recreation: Local governments often operate parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities for the enjoyment of residents.
  • Public Safety: Local governments may provide police, fire, and other emergency services to keep communities safe.
  • Licensing and Regulation: Local governments may be responsible for issuing permits, licenses, and other regulatory documents, such as business licenses and building permits.