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Lutece Logo
Team Organizations City of Paris
Johns Hopkins University
St Francis Neighborhood Center
Team Leaders Sayeed Choudhury
Participating Municipalities Paris France
Sectors Data
Status Launched
Last Updated March 1, 2024


Lutece is an open source platform developed by the City of Paris to help you develop digital solutions. Honed for cities’ use through almost 20 years of development, Lutece has evolved into multifaceted platform with more than 400 plugins and modular architecture that will enable your specific needs and enhance your users' digital experience.

The source code of Lutece is Open Source since 2002 and fully available on GitHub. Lutece is based on a fully modular architecture, offering more than 400 plugins. Lutece is or has been used by major public and private sites and many integrators.

Why should I use Lutece ?

Any institution seeking to adopt a new technology for its site must ensure the highest level of guarantees to avoid the risk of being left alone in trouble. Is the code open? Is the project monitored and sustainable? Can I contribute upstream, can the community help me... are these questions essential for a good choice of a framework.

For Developers

Developers can contribute to Open Source projects that directly impact residents, collaborate with a global community and work on cutting-edge technology challenges.

You feel like there are missing modules, or functionalities? Please consider joining an already (19-year-old) existing project rather than start all over from scratch. We have room for your contributions!

For Integrators

Integrators support city governments to use Lutece and foster cross-city collaboration, as there's no added values in re-selling over and other the same piece of code here and there. As a Lutece integrator, bring your expertise in filling the gaps and develop the specifics, since cities share about 80% of their digital services needs.

For Governements

City governments leaders can access and adapt 400+ digital services/modules created by other cities and organizations accross the globe - from Paris to Baltimore, for free.

Lutece Core offers you everything you require to develop a new digital service, saving your government time and money. Any new digital service can be launched by simply assembling existing modules -or by adding new ones to the already existing ecosystem of tools offered by the platform. Use your public resources to finance public code and collaborative solutions!

Spend wisely public money, as it should finance public code!

Case studies

Learn more about some of our most succesful services including the participatory funding module, social housing inventory, and a non-emergency reporting platform...

Tell us about the services you would like to deliver, and we, or our partners will advise you based on our 19-year-long work on the framework. Module and features

Lutece has evolved into a full ecosystem of plugins that can work for most of your digital needs. These plugins provide fully functional features that allow you to create contents, retrieve data, and manage it with simple workflows.

Lutece Home Page

Lutece Maven Repository