Karen Quatromoni

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Karen Quatromoni
Name Karen Quatromoni
Company Digital Twin Consortium
Company Position Director Of Public Relations
City, State Boston MA
Country United States
Sectors Data
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Buildings-as-batteries.jpg Digital Twin: Buildings As Batteries
An innovative approach to digital twins that enables decentralization of power grids at unprecedented speed and scale.
DT-Emergence-Communication-Services.jpg Digital Twin: Emergency Communication Services
Establishes a practical approach for management of emergency and incident response with a common operating picture.
Axomem-Tech-Showcase-Image.png Digital Twin: Infectious Disease Management
Link time, spatial and sensor data with existing enterprise data to enable new insights.
Vicomtech.png Digital Twin: Manufacturing Quality Control Via Remote Operator
The post-Covid world necessitates remote verification of manufacturing components – in real-time, as they are conveyed across the manufacturing line.


DigitalTwinTelcomWG.png Newest Industry Working Group
The DTC Telecommunications Working Group is chartered to drive the application and adoption of digital twins in the global telecom market.
Collaboration Digital Twin Consortium.jpg Open-source collaboration drives digital twin innovation
The Digital Twin Consortium’s open-source collaboration initiative is now available to the public on GitHub. An open-source collaboration community will accelerate the adoption of digital twin-enabling technologies and solutions. Consortium members and non-members can collaborate on open-source projects, code, and collateral and become part of the DTC ecosystem.
Reality Capture.jpg White Paper on Reality Capture
Today, Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) published a new white paper entitled, Reality Capture: A Digital Twin Foundation. The paper introduces the fundamentals of reality capture, which in many cases, plays a key role in the lifecycle of a digital twin. It provides organizations with an understanding of reality-capture devices, their applications, and knowledge of essential industries where reality capture has specific considerations.