Digital Twin: Emergency Communication Services

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Digital Twin: Emergency Communication Services
Flood Emergency
Team Organizations Intuitus
Triangle Experience Group
Digital Twin Consortium
Team Leaders Karen Quatromoni
Participating Municipalities Boston MA
Sectors Public Safety
Status Launched
Last Updated June 25, 2024


Establishes a practical approach for management of emergency and incident response with a common operating picture.

The Solution

Integrated information sharing via a Comprehensive Collaborative Command & Control Mission Application Platform (C4MAP) that provides a globally military hardened, distributed, synchronized, uniform collaborative, highly secure Ops Center. Operating System of collaboration unifies access to information at the interaction layer, not the data layer – provides fusion of information on a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG).

Digital Twin Roll

Digital Twin provides advanced simulations, predictive analytics, and instant scenarios for decision process from the aggregated information layer to provided optimization of the communication structure for situational awareness collaboration.

Benifits and Intended Results

Currently deployed in DoD military operations, our solution, bolstered by Digital Twin, smashes through current technological, collaborative, & cognitive barriers, synchronizing the view across users from operational centers to front-line leaders ensuring that decisions are made and communicated rapidly. Brings new value to old money by coexisting on day one alongside current applications and infrastructures through seamless interoperability on already existing systems.

Common Operating Picture

C4Map provides a globally distributed, synchronized and highly secure Ops Center, while being able to be scaled to any sized operation. Adaptable to any local or enterprise environment with multiple disparate entities. Fully scalable.

New Value to Old money

The solution is agnostic of hardware, software, network, or operating system; and is designed for seamless integration with standalone, virtualized, or pure data stream systems. Use of drone, AWS, and Digital Twin technologies further enhances C4MAP’s viability in even the most desperate situations.

Reliable and Secure

The processes and information passed throughout the communication network are backed by 24/7 automated diagnostics. Network Health and Cybersecurity as a service in the same platform.

Disaster Response Platform Use Case