Digital Twin: Buildings As Batteries

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Digital Twin: Buildings As Batteries
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Team Organizations Digital Twin Consortium
Agile Fractal Grid
Team Leaders Karen Quatromoni
Participating Municipalities Brooklyn NY
Sectors Utility
Status Launched
Last Updated May 22, 2024


An innovative approach to digital twins that enables decentralization of power grids at unprecedented speed and scale.

The Solution

The Agile Fractal Grid, Inc. has created a platform to help campuses and communities achieve energy security and meet renewable energy goals, while also providing contemporary broadband services.

  • Provides templates for enabling mass customization at scale
  • Allows for continuous improvement based on operational feedback
  • Repeatable for others to compose their own customized implementation

Digital Twin Role

  • Performs autonomous monitoring and analysis
  • Provides prioritized real time optimization of energy consumption
  • Enables efficient load balancing and storage
Decentralized Power Grid

When deployed at scale, this evolution of the power grid will provide a fully decentralized energy infrastructure, allowing for unparalleled energy redistribution and operational resilience.


This Use Case provides a digital twin system of systems blueprint to develop and operate, using a mass customization approach, a decentralized energy infrastructure.

Production Improvements

The digital twin is a creation and optimizer engine, allowing for real-world operation and optimizations under the conflicting constraints including

  • Safety and Security
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Economic Opportunity

Buildings As Batteries