GEO Fencing Predictive Policing solutions to reduce response times for first responders

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GEO Fencing Predictive Policing solutions to reduce response times for first responders
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Team Organizations Paramount Global Holdings
Inc; Dean Skidmore
Team Leaders Kimberly Calhoun
Participating Municipalities City of Conover
Status Concept only Stage


Designed to reduce domestic violent and recidivism crimes and provide evidence for courts using GEO fencing technology with our patented Predictive Policing Network with an intelligent tiered alerting system and hardware tracking devices with sensors implemented with fail safes in order to provide simultaneous alerts to victims, police and dispatch centers for a means to intervene with a crime and document substantial evidence to enforce orders. After testing the prototype we believe the tool can become a solution for various first responder needs to improve the safety and quality of life for our communities.


  • Funding
  • Establish Standards for use of Technology
  • Collaborate Standards to process and procedures
  • Establish Beta Sites
  • Obtain PO’s from appropriate legal community
  • First Launched Municipality/city


Major Requirements

  • Working prototype is now ready for BETA development
  • Funding
  • Hire Employees and Retain manufacture (Existing MOU with Manufacture for turn key solution)
  • Collaborate with Public Safety officials. First Responders, FCC/Regulatory and NIST
  • Develop Beta product
  • Locate Beta Site
  • Beta Test /Re-engineering/Final Beta
  • Live cut over first customer

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  1. Reduce response time for First Responders by 28%
  2. 95% capacity thresholds
  3. Reduce recidivism crime and Domestic Violence repeat offender crime by 80%.
  4. Quality of data for 911 and Dispatch increase by 60% collecting for pre-incident and post incident case uses and can be used for evidence.
  1. Beta test performed to ensure 95% capacity threshold is met with networks.
  2. Meet standards established by courts, regulatory NIST and Public Safety N6911 and Dispatch
  3. Generate Gap analysis and timing analysis
  4. Prepare automatic KPI test applications

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • Establishes standardized procedures for NG 911, Dispatch NIST DHS OEC for technology to improve process of first responders and Public Safety.
  • Requires GPS, WIFI, LTE, Radio and other layers
  • Global and Mobile design and can be used in any city world wide
  • Can be modified to provide new solutions.
  • Using Proven sustainable revenue model

Cybersecurity and Privacy


Improve Quality of Life:

  • Save lives
  • Reduce recidivism in crime
  • Reduce Domestic Violence
  • Behavior management

Improve NG911 & Dispatch:

  • Provide Real-time information to aid with First responder performance.
  • Provide pre-incident and post-incident data to be used as evidence or for performance management


  • Reduce cost of EMS, Firefighters Police
  • Reduce time for reacting to incidents
  • Reduce crime fighting cost
  • Provide new skilled related jobs


  • Phase I Pilot/Demonstration:
  1. Prototype can be engineered for Beta demo and testing in municipalities
  • Phase II Deployment:
  1. Deployed in cities
  2. Engineering new features with other organizations for new solutions
  3. Generating revenue employing more people

In segment Public Safety

Year Started 2017