Kimberly Calhoun

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Kimberly Calhoun
Name Kimberly Calhoun
Company Flixx Media
Company Position Host Of America’s Greatest Innovator
City, State Raleigh-Durham NC
Country United States
Sectors Data
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Police officer walking towards ambulance vehicles.jpg GEO Fencing Predictive Policing solutions to reduce response times for first responders
Designed to reduce domestic violent and recidivism crimes and provide evidence for courts using GEO fencing technology with our patented Predictive Policing Network with an intelligent tiered alerting system and hardware tracking devices with sensors implemented with fail safes in order to provide simultaneous alerts to victims, police and dispatch centers for a means to intervene with a crime and document substantial evidence to enforce orders. After testing the prototype we believe the tool can become a solution for various first responder needs to improve the safety and quality of life for our communities.