Family CARE - Caregiver 2.0

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Family CARE - Caregiver 2.0
Caregiver 2.0
Team Organizations NIH
UC Berkeley
People Power
Team Leaders David Moss
Participating Municipalities Palo Alto CA
Sectors Cybersecurity and Privacy
Status Development
Last Updated April 14, 2024


Presence Caregiver learns daily activity patterns and can warn caregivers, family members and friends about incidents of concern with text alerts of potential hazards including falls, water leaks and wandering.

The system is designed to work without making significant demands on a caregivers' time and energy, and doesn't use video cameras to preserve privacy.

The 1-year research project is seeking 400 caregivers for persons with dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Participants will receive the Presence Caregiver system, which consists of devices and sensors that connect with a smartphone app. Help with installation will be provided as needed.

To participate, you must be a spousal or family caregiver living with a person who has received a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment and be fluent and literate in English. You will need a smartphone – Apple or Android – and wireless internet connectivity in your home. As a research participant, you will complete a set of questionnaires at the start of the study and again every three months. In order to evaluate how helpful Presence Caregiver is, some participants will be randomly selected to receive the system immediately and others will receive it six months later.

All participants will be provided with the Presence Caregiver Research Pack at no cost and will receive a payment of $25 each time they complete a questionnaire.

This Small Business Innovation Research Project has been wholly funded by National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award number R44AG059458.

Small Business Innovation Research Project has been wholly funded by National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award number R44AG059458

What the App Provides

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack offers a sense of community, security, and resources to enhance caregiver knowledge and preparedness.

Receive mobile alerts if something appears to be wrong:

  • Know if someone wandered away from home
  • Know if they have likely experienced a fall
  • Know if their bathroom visit frequency changes

Track the current activities of occupants:

  • Know if and when the front door opened
  • Know which room in the home an occupant visited
  • Know when medication was accessed

Better understand rest and sleep patterns:

  • Know what time they went to bed and got up
  • Know if someone leaves the bedroom at night
  • Track sleep history and quality for improved health insights

Enable support from family and friends:

  • Add specific people to receive alerts
  • Create and delegate helpful tasks to others
  • Coordinate family and friends to stay in contact

Improve safety at home:

  • Call for help with the wirelessly connected button
  • Help prevent falls at night with nightlights
  • Know immediately of a water leak or clogged toilet

Enjoy voice control services with a smart speaker:

  • Easily request helpful reminders to take medications
  • Make phone calls, check weather, and play music
  • Get answers to more than 100 million unique questions

Join and participate in a caregiving community:

  • Connect with and receive online advice from caregivers
  • Access useful online resources, videos and more
  • Coordinate in-person meetings with fellow caregivers