Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance

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Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance
Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance.jpg
Amazon Corporate Shuttle
Team Organizations Amazon
South King County
Snohomish County
ACES Northwest Network
Team Leaders Bruce Agnew
Participating Municipalities Seattle WA
Sectors Transportation
Status Concept only Stage
Last Updated November 29, 2022


The Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance provides a governance structure for a transportation management Alliance. The Alliance lines coordinates public funding for projects like I405, Sound Transit, curved space, and traffic light coordination. It would provide the employer connection to those efforts in the Bothell geographic area from its life sciences community to SeaTac airport. Seattle area employers including Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, T-Mobile and others are exploring shared ride electrification, curb space management, autonomous vehicles and traffic safety. They need a connection with the city and the Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance can provide that connection. These companies build massive facilities and they need access for their their employees, freight etc.. People come to these tech facilities from accross the peninsular including South King County and Snohomish County it is important to coordinated between companies and counties and through the Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance can do this. All this transportation and drayage is moving electric and ACES Northwest Alliance is exploring where charging facilities should go to provide support the resulting demand eg. parking garage, new building, new land by the spring district or east gate.

Metro Transit has a monopoly on public transit that goes back to 1956. Metro Transit offers a shared employee shuttle pilot but it is not well used. Employers need better options.