ACES Northwest Network

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ACES Northwest Network
NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Transportation
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Nonprofit
Year Founded 1993
Founder(s) Tom Alberg
Bryan Mistele
City, State Seattle WA
Country United States
Region Served State
Executives Bruce Agnew
Number of employees
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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The ACES Northwest Network brings together members and facilitates collaboration to ensure the Pacific Northwest is a leading center of new mobility initiatives. Members envision a transportation system that is sustainable, equitable, and accessible; a goal that can only be achieved through a balanced approach that considers all the letters of ACES.


Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance.jpg Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance
The Eastside Crescent Transportation Alliance provides a governance structure for a transportation management Alliance. The Alliance lines coordinates public funding for projects like I405, Sound Transit, curved space, and traffic light coordination. It would provide the employer connection to those efforts in the Bothell geographic area from its life sciences community to SeaTac airport.
Southport600.jpg Southport development
Southport is the only full-building solution available in the Greater Puget Sound area. As you enter Southport on Lake Washington you will quickly realize you are in a unique place. The entire campus has been designed with a focus on a lifestyle environment that supports the development of great teams.
link=Media:'"`UNIQ-NOPARSE Mayor Durkan Announces More Than Eight Million in Investments To Support The Duwamish Valley In 2022 Budget Proposal
Mayor Durkan Announces More Than Eight Million in Investments To Support The Duwamish Valley In 2022 Budget Proposal


In order to achieve this vision, the Network’s leadership has committed to four strategic goals. Join us and shape the future of mobility in Cascadia and beyond.

  • Accelerate and integrate technology into our transportation system
  • Remove barriers to transportation innovation at federal, state, and local levels
  • Promote region as international “Center of Excellence” for ACES adoption
  • Increase mobility for lower-income and underserved commuters