CIVIC Software Foundation

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CIVIC Software Foundation
NIST Sector Data
GICS Industrial Software & Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Nonprofit
Year Founded 2012
Founder(s) Catherine Nikolovski
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Region Served State
Executives Catherine Nikolovski
Number of employees 5
Sponsorship Level Sponsor

Catherine Nikolovski.jpg

Civic Software Foundation is a nonprofit that creates technology and supports applied practices that reinforce equity and democratic values


Small Donor Elections Portland.jpg Small Donor Elections
The Small Donor Elections program seeks to reduce the influence of money in politics and encourage election of people to City office who are reflective of and accountable to all Portlanders.


The CIVIC community is a worldwide network of technologists, artists, researchers, storytellers, and more. Participation is fluid and highly creative.Membership is free and gives you access to this incredible network of big thinkers and many of our resources. Members often contribute to one or more interdisciplinary projects.