Catherine Nikolovski

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Catherine Nikolovski
Name Catherine Nikolovski
Company Civic Software Foundation
Company Position Executive Director
City, State Washington DC
Country United States
Sectors Data
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Trimet.png CIVIC Data Platform
CIVIC is an open data platform to democratize

public information and drive meaningful engagement through neutral, nonpartisan analytics. It's built entirely by multidisciplinary teams of volunteer coders, designers and domain experts using open source technology.


Civic.png Civic Platform
The CIVIC Platform is made possible by the Civic Software Foundation, a non-profit organization bringing data science, modern tech, and civic willpower together to create a force for public good.
HackOregon.png Hack Oregon
Hack Oregon is a rapid prototyping lab in Portland Oregon, taking a creative approach to data projects that bring insight to complex issues in the public interest. We’re a nonprofit, our teams are made of volunteers, and all the work we do is open source.