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Bullitt Foundation
Bullitt Logo.jpg
NIST Sector Wellbeing
GICS Industrial Consumer Services
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Business type Nonprofit
Year Founded 1952
Founder(s) Dorothy Bullitt
City, State Seattle, WA
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Denis Hayes
Revenue $2,528,093€ 2,224,721.84 <br />£ 1,870,788.82 <br />CA$ 3,210,678.11 <br />CNY 16,002,828.69 <br />KRW 3,098,051.567 <br />
Number of employees 7
Sponsorship Level Sponsor


Since 1992, the Bullitt Foundation has granted more than $200 million, developed the Bullitt Center, permanently protected $100 million in ecologically valuable lands through a revolving loan fund, funded the preparatory work to protect nearly 300,000 acres in national monuments, invested in emerging leaders, and endowed several professorships. It has played a leadership role in emphasizing JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) elements in green grantmaking.


OMSI exterior.jpg OMSI Development
The OMSI Consortium is soliciting subject matter experts and qualified vendors to participate in a series of short virtual workshops during the months of October-December 2020, culminating in a Q1 2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) to build a showcase integrated district infrastructure solution to serve the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s 23-acre site with the potential to develop up to 3 million square feet of new, low-carbon, mixed-use construction in Portland’s Central City Plan District. Workshop details will be released to confirmed participants.


The Bullitt Foundation is a foundation (charity) established in 1952 by Dorothy S. Bullitt, a prominent Seattle businesswoman and philanthropist who founded King Broadcasting Company in Seattle. Its assets as of the end of 2010 were in excess of US$100M.

After Dorothy Bullitt died in 1989, the foundation inherited 28% of the stock from King Broadcasting Company.

In 1992, the Bullitt Foundation hired Denis Hayes, national organizer of the first Earth Day, as President. Soon thereafter, it began to broaden the Board beyond family members and decided to devote the Foundation exclusively to protecting and restoring the environment of the Pacific Northwest. In 2016 it further refined its focus on urban ecology in the “Emerald Corridor” extending from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, Oregon.

The Foundation's mission is "to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest" by making grants to nonprofit organizations.

The Foundation also manages the Bullitt Environmental Prize, which provides $100,000 annually to an exceptional graduate student from a disadvantaged background who shows promise of evolving into a future environmental leader.  

In 2009, the Foundation began developing the Bullitt Center, which has been called the "world's greenest office building" The building was completed in April 2013, and was certified as a "Living Building" under the ambitious Living Building Challenge in 2015.

As of June 2019 the board consisted of: Rod Brown (Chair), Harriet Bullitt, Maud Daudon, Mark Edlen, Erim Gomez, Frank Greer, Lisa Graumlich, Denis Hayes, Martha Kongsgaard, Bill Ruckelshaus, and Jessie Woolley-Wilson.