Building Human Centered Smart City

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Building Human Centered Smart City
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Team Organizations BiiLabs
Taipei Department of Information Technology
Team Leaders Yichen Chu
Participating Municipalities Taipei Taiwan
Status Implemented
Document None


To deliver:

  • BiiMe as the Digital ID to leverage with DLT
  • Global roaming service based on the DID
  • Increase the Data Liquidity, Data Integrity & Data privacy


Now the city is having data silo everywhere. All the entities can not really make the data easy used by the other department. The reason is about the data silo & privacy.


We tried to use the new Decentralized Identifier to solve the issue to make the citizen can own themselves the data & right. So there will be a new human centered smart city through DLT/Blockchain.

Major Requirements

  • BiiLabs BiiMe can be the carrier for the DID.
  • The DID can do the service exchange with different city like Taipei x XXX
  • Privacy/KYC can be isolated with the DID
  • All the data can define the ownership if the citizen use BiiMe to apply the services.
  • BiiLabs Alfred can work with various sensor to keep records for the Data Integrity

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  1. The gov can increase the efficiency to 20%
  2. Decrease 20% of air pollution
  3. Increase 20% Happiness to the citizen
  1. Decrease the paper work for the auditing
  2. Reduce the cabinet time, save time for citizens
  3. Increase the Data faking cost to avoid the pollution

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

BiiLabs is based on the Open source & we did contribution into the related projects to have the domain know how & open source to increase the transparency. We also followed W3C DID spec & GDPR to ensure the privacy to the people.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

BiiLabs TangleID source code is following W3C DID spec & integtated with FIDO2 to comply the cybersecurity & privacy.


By using the BiiMe (DID) it can let citizen to use this kind of new tech to do the auth of the service & protecting their own privacy they might not aware. If the city will use the Digital Currency/Token together, it can also increase the tax base.


We will prepare the live demo through BiiMe APP & the demo sites