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NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Technology Hardware & Equipment
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Public
Year Founded 2020
Founder(s) Frans Tjallingii
Shayna Rector Bleeker
City, State Vancouver BC
Country Canada
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Frans Tjallingii
Shayna Rector Bleeker
Number of employees
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Frans Tjallingii.jpegShayna Rector Bleeker.jpeg

7GEN works with fleet operations and sustainability leads to plan and implement EV deployments by bridging the gaps between investors, owners, operators, charger manufacturers and policy makers.


7Gen develops charging infrastructure and vehicle leasing projects that enable commercial fleet managers to convert to electric vehicles.

The 7GEN team works with clients to identify their vehicle and charging needs and helps assess the feasibility and advisable speed of conversion. We broker new partnerships and governance models to make fleet conversion a seamless reality.

  • Transportation is ~40% of GHG emissions in our cities
  • Electric vehicle and technology exists to meet commercial needs reliably and costs are coming down
  • Commercial fleets have been one of the slower areas to shift
  • Fleet requirements are scalable - combining infrastructure and vehicles creates an opportunity for institutional investment