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NIST Sector Agriculture
GICS Industrial Technology Hardware & Equipment
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Limited Liability
Year Founded July 23, 2021
Founder(s) Jennifer Wells
Ed Lisle
City, State McMinnville OR
Country United States
Region Served Country
Executives Jennifer Wells/CEO
Ed Lisle/President & CTO
Revenue 0$ 0 <br />€ 0 <br />£ 0 <br />CA$ 0 <br />CNY 0 <br />
Number of employees 2
Sponsorship Level Sponsor

Edlisle.jpegJennifer Wells.jpeg

Founded in 2021, LLC is a Regenerative Agriculture (ReGen Ag) Platform Company targeting Novel Indoor Growing Farming Systems. Our mission is to enable rural and urban farmers by accelerating the intersection of promising AgTech smart solutions to advance sustainable production of food.