City of Boston GoHubs

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City of Boston GoHubs
Gohubs Image.jpg
City of Boston GoHubs
Team Organizations City of Boston
Point of Contact Matt Warfield
Participating Municipalities Boston MA
Sectors Transportation
Status Launched
Last Updated July 22, 2024


A majority of our residents rely upon public transit, biking, walking, and driving to get around our city. But, shared mobility and technology advances are altering travel.
New ways of transportation are introduced each day. The future of transportation may very well be shared, electric, and highly mobile.
GoHubs! are intended to help us organize these modes. We provide information on how to access them and navigate the technology, and ultimately make it easier to get around Boston Neighborhood Mobility Microhubs Incentivising a New Routine

  • Identifiable places where transportation options, information, and placemaking elements are combined
  • Centered around bus stops, subway stations, and Bluebikes
  • Includes other amenities, such as carshare, pickup and drop-off for ride hail, EV charging, information kiosks, seating, and public art
  • Form a network, improving first- and last-mile connections
City of Boston GoHubs