Yuri Gawdiak

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Yuri Gawdiak
Name Yuri Gawdiak
Company NASA
Company Position Associate Director for Portfolio & Systems Analysis
City, State Washington DC
Country United States
Sectors Buildings
Consulting: {{{skill}}}

Blueprint Chapters

MobilityChapter.jpg Mobility
Mobility has been a constantly evolving critical feature of human civilization. Major changes and advances in mobility have been linked to the advent of new power sources (animals, wind, steam, fossil fuels, super dense batteries, etc.).
MobilityChapter.jpg Smart Building-related Mobility
Buildings have a very symbiotic relationship with transportation. People have to get to the buildings on foot, by bicycle or other mobility devices, public transport or car (in exceptional cases by helicopter and in future by drone). Cars have created a demand for parking space in the building. Then there are deliveries and waste collection typically by trucks.